Thursday, 17 December 2015

Todays challenges

As we near completion of the new block of kennels I am trying to work out how to attach the high grade, steal hatches and keep them close to the wall so there are no draughts for the dogs when it is cold.

I think I have it :)

Putting the posts in for the runs is challenging at this time of year too as the ground is so very wet. I have decided to do two ready for the dogs in over Christmas (we already have two) then we shall build the other 5 in the spring when the ground dries out a little.

I am excited about the end result as we will have plenty of units of varying sizes and 9 separate exercise areas which will be well used especially over summer.

At last my horses have started to eat hay. They have had it available for weeks now but as it has been so warm, the grass has been growing so no need for boring hay but today they followed me to the barn and tucked in. They are so friendly and love a cuddle.

Ruby, Phoebe's daughter did he bronze KC good citizenship test yesterday after just three training sessions and she PASSED. What a good girl and a great advert for the intelligence and trainability of a Rotweiler.

I cannot believe Christmas is only next week and I must get some decorations up

From all at Cats Whiskers and Dogs Paws we wish you all a very merry Christmas and wonderful New Year

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Goodbye my old friend

Yesterday the lovely vets from Beech Vets Willington came to ours and after giving our gorgeous Oscar lots of fuss put him to sleep for us.

 He is an old man with who we have had the pleasure of sharing the last 14 years.

He was rapidly loosing condition with other things going on too but to the bitter end he wagged his tail and just loved us all.

As ever when these loving, faithful huge parts of your family have to leave us it is heart wrenching Myself, my boys and his fan club will miss him enormously.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

With flying colours :)

I had my annual inspection yesterday for the facilities and care of my dog and cat boarding aswell as my breeding. All aspects are scrutinised thoroughly.

The examiner also focussed on my dog boarding extension which incorporates 20 new, spacious kennels, with underfloor heating and self filling water dispensers. It also has a "wash down" and bedding drying area.

All passed so I now have an extended license and can certainly help out more families by caring for their pets to the same high standards as I always have whenever they need me to 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Collar or no collar

Phoebe and Ruby (my Mum and daughter rotties) we playing and wrestling on my yard as normal. They spend so much time wrapped around each other.

The noise changed to a scream.

I looked out and thought at first they were fighting but no, poor Ruby had got her leg through Phoebe's collar. The more she twisted and thrashed around, screaming the tighter it got around Phoebe's neck. Poor Phoebe's eyes were rolling and she just didn't know what to do.
Ruby was clearly in huge amount of pain and was biting at anyone including my arm (I, thankfully had a thick jacket on)

We managed to release  her by cutting the leather collar off with a stanley knife which wasn't easy as by now it was cutting into Phoebe's skin.

I was convinced Ruby would be off to the vets for repair of a broken leg but NO, once free she ran after our cat.
Phoebe was frightened and ran to the bottom of the yard and it took her a while to come to me

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

All go

The dog boarding extension is coming on really well. I totally trust my builder Jo Allen as he has a great work ethic and does a full days work to a very high standard.

The units should be completed in 2 weeks time then it's under floor heating, electrics and water.

The large runs going into my paddock will be created mid/end of November then, subject to me painting inside the units we are ready to go :)

I do say this is my last project as it is a lot of work and co ordination but we'll see :)

Life is a little quieter just now as half term is over and not too many people are away.

On a personal level, I am missing my middle son although my youngest and eldest are being very good (not helpful as that would be just too much for teenage boys:))
It is odd with just the three of us in the house and he would chat with me too
He'll be back at Christmas which will be lovely.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Play time :)

Who says dogs don't enjoy boarding kennels 

These guys play like this for ages and when back in their own unit they sleep like babies.

The building going up behind them is our extension of the kennels. Once complete we will setup 4/5 large exercise areas into my grass paddock. 
When complete we will have 8 exercise areas and continue to offer high levels of care and attention and plenty of fun for your dogs whilst you are away 

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Heads and Tails

Salmon for breakfast and gourmet cat food for dinner so why does Danni, our pest control office (our cat) eat the middle of the mice she catches? 

All prepared for the concrete to arrive :)

We are expending our dog boarding facility. All the new units, like the original will have underfloor heating and self filling water dispensers. We will have 7 exercise areas with high, secure fencing and if they are good together a mate or two to run with :)

I will ensure we continue with our high standards of care and attention and to help me do that Racheal (assistant manager) starts next week

Friday, 25 September 2015

Today is the day

My middle son is bags packed and ready for the off

He has taken a place at De Montfort Univercity to study business management with HR

What a great choice for him I feel as he is certainly loving and caring. He has often helped me with the caring for our own and visiting animals. He has also watched, first hand as we have built our own business up from an empty grass paddock.

I do feel particularly proud of him as academic work hasn't come easily but he has worked tirelessly at it and Derby Grammar School has certainly been exactly the right school for him.

Of course I will miss him but I so pleased he is following his own life plan and venturing out into the big wide world. I shall of course continue to support him in every way I can and I'm sure, as he runs out of food or needs washing done the fact I'm just up the motorway will help :)

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Learning new skills :)

I have just had the most fabulous holiday. 
I was invited to go and learn to sail on a 46foot yacht in the Ionian so off I went.
Sail Blue Planet 
Hopping from island to island, beautiful cove to cove in Greece

I learnt the basics of sailing and gained my competent crew certificate. 
Next I may take the day skipper ( I hope there will be a next)

I do have an ambition to sail in the clipper boat race and who knows, one day :)

I saw many, pitiful dogs and cats out on the islands. All the male dogs entire and most of the females looking pregnant. Non looked in great health and all were scrounging tit bits off the tourists. I was very careful not to touch them as i'm sure they weren't in the best of health and may have fleas too.

I chatted with one lady who takes the strays in and we both puzzled why no one castrates/ neuters these poor animals. I guess the cats form their pest control as they were constantly around the kitchens

I will put some photos on when I have a minute 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

What's new?

A very busy summer of course as everyone goes away and we care for their pets. 

It is so very rewarding when a quiet, timid and some times very nervous dog arrives and with a little patience we bring it round to be happy and confident whist here. The family arrive, very tentative to collect and out bounds a lively dog who has clearly had a nice time. The family are so delighted they book to secure their place next year :)

This can only happen because we truly care. My team of helpers are as vidulant as I am about each and every pet we  have entrusted to us.

I have decided to go ahead with our planned expansion of the dog boarding kennels. It will be built of block and steal which is both easy to keep clean and disease free. We have oodles of carpet and lovely soft bedding too.
I have been pacing out a paddock as one of the keys to happy dogs is lots of exercise so I am planning to have a further three/four exercise areas giving us seven in total.
If the weather is nice and we can then the dogs in our care are some times out playing all day. At night they are quiet as often shattered from running, wrestling and just having good fun

My lovely boys are all doing well. Eldest going into his final year of his electrical apprenticeship so lets see what lay ahead for him now but he is with a very good company
My middle son did very well with his A levels and is off to study for a degree in business management and HR
Youngest starts his second year GCSE in September

I am so very proud of them all as they are making their way in life. 

Friday, 24 July 2015

Life down on the farm

We have some family and friends camping in the garden at the moment. Glamping actually. They baked this (was) lovely cake for us to share. Pippa ( 13 year old terrier) found a way to climb onto a high table, get beyond the boring stuff and she tucked in. "Compliments to the chef" as she ate almost her own body weight :)

Can you spot Strudles?
She has had a lovely holiday at Dogs Paws boarding kennels

Training continues for Ruby and Dapphne. 17 weeks old and off to the city Mel and I went. Yes they are playing with their water pot outside the cafe but they are fed up of being fussed. Everyone stops to pet them, young and old. "Are they Rottweilers" they ask in dismay as they are soooo friendly and we intend to keep them that way and continue our mission to restore peoples faith in this truly stunning breed.
Mel and I are continuing our training on Thursday evenings if anyone has a dog and would be interested in joining us?

 I couldn't keep them out of the water. An older chap watched on as we encouraged the girls to go behind as it is all good confidence building. It made him smile lots too

Bella gets a cuddle with Rachel at Cats Whiskers. She is very young so in a front unit with the door open so we can keep an eye on her at all times. She is getting ooooodles of attention too so good for her confidence

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Oh what fun

Last evening we had a "bit of a do"

It was to thank all for helping with the fun day in May as without the family and friends Mel and I just couldn't have done it

We played rounders and had a BBQ

As always the weather was perfect

I bought 100 rolls and this morning there are just 8 left

There were many cakes baked and only crumbs here this morning so I can only assume every one was well fed

It was a whole family affair so there were lots of youngsters and they were fantastic. They played rounders too so everyone had to be patient but it was funny when they didn't really get the game and once hit the ball just ran in circles

Mel's day guest my funniest moment award as he was fielding, the ball slogged by a strong, teenager, his eyes followed it through the tree and he watched the far fielder to see if he catches it BUT it had hit a branch and fell on this head. Everyone howled

Thank you to all for making it such a fun evening x

Thursday, 25 June 2015

How many hours in a day??

Down on the farm we have a new litter of gorgeous Cockapoo puppies. Toffee is Mum and Duke Dad. She is a loyal girl as has only ever "married" him. They do make lovely puppies/ adult dogs and there are a few around this area if you wanted to see how these puppies will turn out.

Ruby, my Rotti puppy, has started her training so every day I need to spend one to one time with her as I'm determined to have her at least as good as her Mum, Phoebe. My friend Mel and I took our 4 Rotti's out along the canal Wednesday. It was Ruby's first time on the highway and on a lead. She did well. Our next outing we are taking the two puppies into the city :)

We have acquired a pig, YES a pig who apparently hasn't lived with pigs as doesn't get along with them but is very used to dogs. She is great with my dogs but I will need to build her a safe place for when I'm busy with outer peoples dogs who may not be so good with her. (another job to do) She is such a lovely, loving girl who is also house trained but she is either pregnant or has very large worms :) Time will tell.
Everyone loves her including the many teenage boys we have around here :)

We have acquired a 15.1hh horse. A girl and I don't really do girl horses as they can be so "marish" but she found us and what a lovely calm and gentle girl she is so we have decided to take a foal off her. I have found a stunning stallion who is used by the queen to produce the grey horses to pull her carriage. Good enough for the queen :)
She has had her swabs taken and doesn't have any sexually transmitted diseases!!!  Just as well as she has never been courting before. The stallion owner insists on the test and I cannot blame her as she wants to keep her boy "clean" I had no idea it was such a problem with horses.
I also had her scanned to see where she is in her cycle and she is going to be "married" over this weekend as is about to ovulate.
Fingers crossed 11 month time we will have the pitter, patter of more tiny feet :)

The new dog run a proving a god send and our many boarding dogs can be outside most of the day and if not yappy they never get shut in at all. I do run nice kennels even though I do say so myself. Actually many others say so as we are getting very busy all the time and at points in the summer we are already full.

Painting in the cattery is almost there. Just the doors and the floor to do now then we are ready for summer.

I am looking to take some help on but finding the right person is not easy. Someone who can maintain our high standards, who is great with the animals, who can work and think for themselves and who is trustworthy and good with people. A tall order but I am looking as we would like a holiday and after 9 years of trading I would like a full day off a week :)

Exam season is over for my boys so wind down is happening. They are soon on summer holidays. Middle son is trying to secure a summer job in HR as that is what he is studying at university in September. I'm so proud

Monday, 1 June 2015

What's new?

Where do I begin? :)

We now have a large, supper, dooper  dog run which goes round the island and takes in trees so great for shade on those illusive hot, sunny, summer days. This gives me 3 large exercise areas so ready for the busy summer.

My lovely horse had to be put to sleep as had a long standing problem with his hind legs. So very sad but at least he isn't being passed onto some poor, unsuspecting buyer and I will look again as not ready to hang up my riding boots yet :)

We have acquired a micro pig called Whinney. She thinks she is a dog and cannot settle with other pigs. In fact she does fight them. She is great with my dogs, is house trained and comes when called. She loves fuss and likes watching TV too :)

My ride on mower is proving fantastic and helping me keep on top of maintenance of the place.

My lovely boys are in the middle of exams and seem to be working and doing well. Time will tell :)
Despite having an unconditional offer at university to study business studies with H R my middle son is working hard to do well with his A levels.

I am a very proud Mum

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Down on the farm

Thought I would give you an update on what I have been up to "down on the farm"


I have bought a second hand mower so I have half a fighting chance of keeping on top of the mowing. It's a beefy little machine and whilst it is a novelty my youngest is happy to do it. Good move :)

I have had lots of earth moved as am creating a fantastic dog run which encompasses part of an iseland and includes some trees. It will be great for the high energy dogs and whilst i'm at home they could be outdoors all day as there is shelter/shade too.


I have got lovely fitted floors in the new cattery block and almost finished the painting so ready for the summer although we have been very busy this week with cats as well as dogs.  I have been gathering chairs and small tables so each unit gives each cat a nice place to sit, either high or low. Either by the window or not. Either inside or out in their own private run.

Our animals

Ruby Do, Phoebe's daughter is doing very well and her training has started.

We have a new addition but i'm not telling you what and see if you spot her when you're next here :)


Yes, summer is upon us and bookings are coming in thick and fast. We are almost full in the dog boarding and many units are booked in the cattery too. Dog owners do seem to book earlier than cat's but I guess if you cannot accommodate your dog you really are stuck for going away where as it's probably easier to have a cat looked after by a friend or neighbour.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Phew! another Family Fun and Doggy Day over :)

It was fantastic, the weather was perfect, people arrived in their droves, we had to use our neighbours field for extra parking.

We had in excess of 1000 people on site and hundreds of dogs who were all impeccably well behaved.

The show classes were well subscribed and boy! did we have a good giggle at the scurry dogs.

The team of helpers were fantastic and Mel, in both the run up and on the day, as always, is such a rock. We make a great pair. We think the same and both graft, never shy of work and prepared to do what ever it takes to ensure everyone has a lovely time.

The demonstrations were wonderful so a huge thank you to Prospector canine events team and Dave Blackshaw dog agility group (Sophi)

A big thank you, of course goes to the many, many people who came to support the day.

The big question is, will we do it again next year?

Thursday, 23 April 2015

where does the time go?

I cannot believe how busy I am at the moment and this should be my lul before the summer storm :)
I have painting to finish and floors to lay in the cattery units and other maintenance bit to do.

So where is my time going?

Well :) We do have two litters of puppies which are real time wasters :) They do take a lot of care, putting food in one end and cleaning up the other before they plaster it all over each other. I cannot wait to get them out in the fresh air for a little while but at just 3 weeks they are still too young.

We have cockatoo puppies too. Born Saturday. They are noisy but no trouble at the moment as Jess is doing a fantastic job. Good girl.

I have several of my other girls in season so coordinating their mating when the studs are available takes some doing too. I usually mate, when she is receptive then 24 hours later so very time consuming but worth it when we see the lovely puppies we produce.

Then we have the fun day looming so my grounds have to be well prepared. I spent all afternoon mowing the parking field. Ill finish that off today. We are busy chasing stall holders and demonstrations. Ensuring we have commitment wherever we can. We need to have the running order for the day in place and details of the sponsors to we can utilise Mel's dad to sign write the "thank you" board.

We now have as entertainment

Heal work to music
Dog obedience demonstration
Dog agility and 'come and have a go"

Birds of pray
pony rides
Little pigs
Quad bikes
Remote controlled cars and oodles more

And I have my new horse too. I have put him on a friends yard as he was clearly lonely. He has settled very well and is much calmer. He needs some work to build up his muscles but is proving a joy to work with

Saturday, 18 April 2015

What's happening down on the farm?

 I have a new (second hand ) mower so been mowing anything that stands still long enough in preparation for May Day charity event. Hope we are going to see you, your family and friends. 

We have managed to secure a demonstration of dog agility with a "have a go session" which will be fun I have no doubt. Why not come along and "have a go" it is great for the dogs, they love it once they get the hang of it and it certainly helps with their training.

I am trying to work out how to fill in some of the moat so when I create the big, new dog run for the boarders I can let them have the run of part of our island. They will love it as there are trees for the boys to do what only boy dogs do well :) The ground is undulating which will be fun for them to run and play on. The first, lovely job for me is to go into the stagnant water to put an extension on the pipe that brings storm water in off the roofs of the houses. Nice but some one has to do it :)

Marian has been helping me as we have given the cattery a spring clean. I'm hoping she will be around next week too to help with my mammoth task of painting it all. My cattery is now quite a few years old and people do comment on how fresh, clean and definitely non smelly it is and that is my mission to maintain.

My new horse is proving a little trick as he is in need of company, they are herd animals after all. Being here alone isn't nice as he calls to the many horses next door but no one calls back. 
I am worried about hacking on these dreadful roads as many of the drivers these days don't seem to acknowledge there is a person on the back of that horse and clearly think you have no right to be there as they squeeze you into the curb. 
I may move him to a "better place"
He is a lovely boy with the most fantastic paces, just needs some good quality work and muscling up in the "correct" way. A great project for me and as his underlaying nature is kind that is going to be very rewarding. I have only had him two weeks tomorrow so very early days.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

What have I been up to? :)

Extension of cattery now has double, exterior cladding, heat pads, electric lights and I have started painting, the floor covering will be the last job then all ready for the summer rush :)
We have put a smart sink with a fantastic, instant water heater in too for washing the pots. No longer will they have to go into my house kitchen.

Cleaning of dog and cat units never stops as I am so determined never to have smelly units so as we have been very busy over Easter that has kept me busy too.

Ok, this is what I have been up to too :)

I have bought myself a new horse. Well it is my passion and I'm no longer providing them for my boys as they are off doing other things. Teenage boys :) This is my time
This gorgeous boy is 12 years old 16.3hh so big ish. He is a lovely natured and a very honest horse. I have had lots of fun with him already and only had him 1 week. The lovely people who had him for 5 years I know are missing him but we will, undoubtedly stay in touch. He has only ever had 2 homes which is quite something in the horse world. I'll let you know what we get up to and how we get on if you like?

Back to business

Bookings are coming in for summer so please don't delay or there won't be any room at the inn

Family Fun and Doggy Day plans are well underway and I really hope it is a huge success and the two children's charities we raise funds for will benefit also
Mel and I think this will be our last one so please make sure you join us for a fun day out

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Down on the farm

I am creating another two, large dog runs.

One takes the dogs onto our island where I have retained some trees. The boy dogs, especially will enjoy that :) The netting is on its way so you know what I shall be doing next week.
I just need to decide what to put on the ground as earth just doesn't work. My gravel play surface works well or maybe sand?

The other is in my horse menage which is providing a huge area for the dogs to have a great run around. It isn't being used at the moment so it is such a waste. I have put 40 tonnes of sand on top of the rubber so the dogs don't pick up the black staining and I just need to put netting on over of the post and rail and we are ready to go. Any high energy, who won't/cannot jump over 4 feet will get to use it and I can think of many. I may put a shelter in there too and they could play out lots and have a place to rest when they need one.

My boys are doing great
Eldest has just bought an MX5 to "do up" and I guess sell at some point but he and his mates are really enjoying it
My middle son is preparing for his A level exams but he has secured a place at De Montford uni to study business management with HR
My youngest had a great school report. He is first year GCSE's and should do very well. He is loving his rugby and becoming very invoked with it too

They main point is they are all happy. They continue to help me when I really need it (they are teenage boys :)) They have watched our business grow from piles of rubble and an empty grass paddock and I take great pride in the positive influence it has had on them and educated them that hard work does reap rewards.  ooo getting a little sentimental here :)

Dog boarding extension I think will happen after the summer when the ground is harder to take heavy wagons. Watch this space, as they say

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


I have been busy :)

We now have a gate entry warning system which lets us know, where ever we are, of peoples arrival

We now have a CCTV system which I can log onto when I'm out and about. It alerts me, on my mobile when ever there is movement too.

We now have electric gates which open only at set times

All of these measures have been taken to enhance security as your pets, whilst in my care are very important. We have had no problems with intruders and I am making sure we never do :)

We also have sensors on the lights which automatically turn them off which is good news for the bill payer (me)

My digger man is coming this week to move some soil so we can create an additional run for the boarders. I am trying to take it onto our island a little and incorporate some trees which will be nice for the boy dogs (if you know what I mean) also for playing chase around. The dogs will have fun whilst on their holiday.

This way of life is very rewarding. I have many stories of nervous, frightened dogs who have settled well and thoroughly enjoyed their stay so much so their next visit it is with a waggy tail.

I recently looked after a 7 months old, toy poodle who the vets told the owner they would have to sedate to microchip and a dog groomer couldn't get near. He left us a happy, well socialised little boy, fully groomed, microchipped and very welcome to return. His owners were delighted and have booked him in again.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Down on the farm

The bookings for both cat and dog boarding are coming in steadily. Summer is going to be very busy of course and I am wondering whether to build the extra kennels I have permission to build in readiness.

This is a significant cost/investment but will cause upheavel in the short term.

I am, however waiting for the digger man to come to move some earth around as I am going to create a run which encompassed part of an island which has some great trees for the dogs to run and play around. This will also give me 3 separate exercise areas to have very small numbers of dogs out in to ensure good behaviour and NO dog fights. I do love to stand back and watch them play. It makes it all worthwhile.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Family Fun and Doggy Day

Family Fun and Doggy Day
Monday 4th May

 Yes, Mel and I are holding it again.

The purpose is to raise funds for Findern Primary School and Gadelii School for orphaned children Tanzania so two worthwhile causes

The day is built around a FUN dog show with rosettes and prizes

We cater for the very young with bouncy castle, marry go round and a whole host of fun things to do

There is plenty to do for all us 'adults" too with trade stands to wander around and good old fashioned fair ground games, bbq and cream tea to enjoy

Please help to support the day by coming along. It really is a fun and very economical day out for all the family

If you have any interest in taking a trade stall please contact me