Thursday, 17 December 2015

Todays challenges

As we near completion of the new block of kennels I am trying to work out how to attach the high grade, steal hatches and keep them close to the wall so there are no draughts for the dogs when it is cold.

I think I have it :)

Putting the posts in for the runs is challenging at this time of year too as the ground is so very wet. I have decided to do two ready for the dogs in over Christmas (we already have two) then we shall build the other 5 in the spring when the ground dries out a little.

I am excited about the end result as we will have plenty of units of varying sizes and 9 separate exercise areas which will be well used especially over summer.

At last my horses have started to eat hay. They have had it available for weeks now but as it has been so warm, the grass has been growing so no need for boring hay but today they followed me to the barn and tucked in. They are so friendly and love a cuddle.

Ruby, Phoebe's daughter did he bronze KC good citizenship test yesterday after just three training sessions and she PASSED. What a good girl and a great advert for the intelligence and trainability of a Rotweiler.

I cannot believe Christmas is only next week and I must get some decorations up

From all at Cats Whiskers and Dogs Paws we wish you all a very merry Christmas and wonderful New Year

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