Friday, 9 September 2016

They are not your puppies Phoebe :)

Aunty Phoebe just loves to be a Mum as she allows the Labradoodle puppies to suckle off her. She has no milk but if I allowed her to let them do it long enough it would stimulate her to produce. It has happened before

The puppies, now 6 weeks old are being very well socialised, as you can see. They run on our yard with several of my adult dogs are are really not phased by any of them
They just exude confidence 

Next week vet check, jabs and ready to leave us for their new life

Friday, 2 September 2016

136 bookings in August

What a great summer we have had at Dogs Paws 136 separate booking for dog. 

Some single, some double and for varying lengths of time but WOW what fun it has been. 
Yes at times challenging making sure that each and every dog has all the care and attention needed. There are always a handful of dogs who will happily play out together but I am so very pleased we have a number of separate exercise areas so we can have lots out playing and staying safe.

Next year we will have another 6 runs in the far paddock so lots of space to play

We have taken a lot of bookings already for summer 2017 and the feedback for our efforts has been fantastic

There has been a team of 8 helping me over the summer to whom I will extend a huge thank you

This was just our third summer with the kennels and never advertised so we must be doing lots right
Thanks everyone

The cattery of course is still very important to us and has also been very busy as usual. We have had quite a few young kittens who are always a pleasure to look after and we can always find time to play
Someone has to do it :) :)

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Gold award

Get you Elvis :)

At Dogs Paws Stenson we have introduced a gold award scheme. 
It is given to dogs who prove our initial thought to be completely wrong.

Elvis was a little nervous upon arrival (not unusual) but he very quickly settled and became a star by playing, running and wrestling with a small group of friends. He/they particularly liked our moat field as they loved playing chase around the trees. When their tongues were hanging out it's then back into their individual units for a well earned rest and food.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Exhausting but fun

As I thought we are so very busy as it's summer.

It is good fun but what a responsibility looking after other peoples "babies".

The cats are easy as never get with others unless they live together and are happy sharing a unit.

Lots of dogs love to play and wrestle so once we have assessed them and carefully manage so they can do just that. Any sign of foul play and they are separated and only go out on their own. Most are very good and go back into their own unit for a rest until next play time.

Some dogs really don't want to be "bothered" by others and that is fine too as we have a number of separate exercise areas. We have strict policies over certain breeds etc too

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Where is summer? :)

Lots of you are preparing for summer and booking your pets in with us so please hurry if you are considering using us as not many places left. 

At Cats Whiskers and Dogs Paws it is all about caring for your pets as though they were our own but we will never please everyone, all of the time and that's life.

You do become a little hardened when running your own business especially after in excess of 10 years as some people's expectations are unrealistic and unreasonable but the vast majority of our customers are lovely. They truly care for their pets and look for what they judge to be the best and keep us busy and this summer will be no different.

Although we do now board dogs, they are a good distance from the cattery, down a dip and facing the other way to the cattery. We go to great lengths to keep the dogs quiet too so as not to upset the cats and we don't like incessant dog barking either. In my opinion, if the dogs are well exercised and feel confident and comfortable they don't bark a lot or if they do, not for long

We do have a couple of new cat units with very long runs. Like the existing ones they have a covered outdoor run so rain or shine they can sit out, sheltered and watch the world go by, be that the horses across the fields, birds or butterflies

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

New runs :)

Thanks to the rain and more rain I cannot get into my fields to take the materials to set up the last 6 dog runs so I am fencing the menage which gives the dogs 825 metre square to play in. I am fencing another area half that size too so ready for summer.

Sapphire our little mare has had a stunning foal who is lapping up all the attention. She should make a good sized horse as her Dad is the stallion the queen uses to produce her carriage pulling, grey horses. We have called our baby Queenie.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Preparing for summer

The dog boarding extension is almost complete which gives us an additional 20 units. 

Just the inner, granite,  floor to put in which will help to keep the dogs cool as we are going to have a hot summer :) :)

We have created a car parking area for the dogs too which should ease the congestion on my yard at busy times also make it safer for dogs moving from car to kennels as it will be secure with fencing all around.

We have 9 separate exercise areas with a further 6 planned 

Having run my kennels for 3 years now I take great delight in having lots of separate areas for dogs to play in either alone or with a couple of "friends" and as long as we have enough pens they can all go out for a good, long time. When they are back in their own unit they sleep and are generally quiet until the next out time in the afternoon they then sleep all night. 

Boarding kennels do not need to be constant yapping. Thankfully :)

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Rain, rain, rain

Will it ever stop?

My busy period over the summer is looming and we will be very busy with all animals.

The cats are fine as all set up and has been running for years now 

The dog units are set up and looking lovely. 

We have 4 runs at the moment which works well whilst we are a little quieter. 

I have plans to set up another 6 runs, this will give me the opportunity to run lots of dogs out at the same time. Dependant on the dogs a small number will be together but I need lots of runs. 
I need it to stop raining to enable me to get a large wagon in to transport rubble so I can lift the ground level so dogs don't get covered in mud, then fence and create the runs

Don't worry though as I have a plan B :)

I will use my horse menage which gives the dogs a huge area to run, play and let off steam then when back in their own unit they sleep :)

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

What next?

The new block of kennels are almost done. 

Just stopped by the constantly wet ground as I need to set up and fence 5 more runs. It's not a bad thing I have observed a winter, before I establish them, as I now know how I need to do it to enable me to have full use of the runs all year round. I intend to lift the ground level and put a finished surface on which will stop the dogs getting covered in mud.

Once done I will have 11 separate exercise areas all with all weather surface which mean the dogs in my care, all year round can go out to play, wrestle or just amble without having a lead in sight :)

Running a dog and cat boarding facility is very demanding but great fun and gives me a lot of satisfaction. We have never advertised as yet and continue to grow. Word of mouth is spreading the news with regards our standards of care and facilities so a huge thank you to all those who have supported us over the past few years. 
Your help is appreciated

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Nearly there

The new kennel block is almost complete ready for our next busy time

The kennels themselves are done. Water dispensers in and running well so fresh water at all times for our guests :)

The heaters are in and toasty hot

We even have a wash down area for those muddy paws

The last bit to complete (I am waiting for the ground to dry out) in the 5 big runs. I am going to use stone to lift the ground level and am looking at a grass substitute for them to run and play on. It would leads to them coming back in and going home cleaner but also they can play out longer which is always my priority.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

What have I been up to? :)

La Tania in the French Alpes called so 16 of us headed off and skied for a week. 
Amazing conditions and a fantastic time was had by all :)

Rufus (my horse) has 3 new friends
They all looked on puzzles as he towers over them but soon settled and nuzzled

I do hope he doesn't fall in love with the donkey :)