Wednesday, 15 February 2017

We are back

Our blog hosting system failed so we have been off line for a while but now we are back :) :)

So what is new??

The kennels are doing well with lots of bookings coming in from both existing and new customers so the word is spreading that we are good at what we do!!

Happy customers make it happen, that is both pets and their owners

I do love it when we get a dog in who is nervous and sometimes a little intimidated by kennels and with a little patience and gentle handling we bring them round, they come out, hold their head up and thoroughly enjoy the experience. Their owners arrive and they find a happy, waggy tailed dog to great them. Sooo rewarding

I am not planning on building or growing the business anymore this year as I do feel there is a limit by which you loose that personal touch and I do love to be able to let all the pet owners know just how their much loved pet has been as I have spent the time caring for them

Personal level  My eldest at age 20 has been offered a great promotion and is in a very secure position. Very proud Mum

My middle son is loving his university life, gaining great grades and has a fantastic placement lined up for his middle year  Very proud Mum

My youngest is knuckling down to his A levels and is formulating his life plan Very proud Mum