Sunday, 27 May 2012

I do miss the ponies

This is the first year we have had to mow the lawn! It was hard work and took myself and 2 of my boys hours to get on top of it. It's looking good now though.
In the past we have had our small ponies who who were great at mowing and didn't churn it up if they had a run around (unlike the big guys). They didn't keep it quite so even so there is that bonus.

How is the weather suiting you?

I am so pleased with the dogs boarding in that as it is south facing it gets the sun and does get very warm what with the light concrete bas as well. The granite floor within the units is so lovely and cool though so the dogs are absolutely fine. The automatic water dispensers work very well giving them fresh, cold water at all times. We have just had one who doesn't like to drink out of it but that's no problem as we have many water bowls.

My male Labrador (Oscar) is getting very worked up as I have 3 bitches in season and he cannot "marry" any of them. Bea is having her season off. Jilly has mated with a standard poodle to produce first cross labradoodles. (Jilly is Hug's Mum) and Pippa will mate with a miniature poodle hopefully next week to produce Jackapoos.

All go as ever down on the farm as my eldest has a new horse too. Rocket. He has been out of work for some time so we are taking it slowly and sensibly to bring him back as he aims to go to camp on him in July.

All good fun!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

looking ahead

Bookings for both the cattery and dog boarding are going very well. We are almost full all summer.
I am trying to get ahead of some jobs like mowing the drive which is a challenge s the grass has shot up and is sooooo thick. It helps to keep me fit :)

I have been putting the finishing touches into the boarding units such as beds, chairs, mats, bowls etc

We have a golden doodle in at the moment as well as some others but he is huge and so bouncy. What a lovely character too.

My guys are all a bit out of sorts as I have two of my girls in season. Bae is not being mated as she is on a rest but Jilly will be as she has missed two seasons. I think my other girls are coming into season too which is driving Oscar (my male Lab) mad as he will not marry any of them.  His new wife is very settled but won't be old enough to marry until late 2012 early2013

I wormed all my guys today. Oh! I know how to live.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Good news

Sadly I lost my big brother to lung cancer last year (50 years old). Typically, for a man he refused to go to the doctors with his symptoms. Who knows what might have happened if he had.

Today I have had a message from an old school friend who I became re acquainted with at my brothers funeral. She was given a diagnosis of lung cancer last year and has had several courses of treatment and now has a "stable disease". Great news.

Business is doing well. We have a few cats one of which is emigrating to New Zealand in July. Button Mushroom is lovely. He loves a cuddle and lets me know when he has had enough.

We have two absolutely gorgeous miniature terriers in. They are so small with big characters but they do love a hug especially Cocoa.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Very proud

I hope you don't mind but I am going to mention my youngest son as he attended his first athletics competition on sunday. He is a member of derby athletics club. He was a little nervous as you would expect with 5 other clubs competing. The atmosphere was lovely, very friendly and everyone very encouraging. He ran 100 and 200 metres and came first in both (by quite a long way). Of course he is thrilled to bits to have confirmation that he is quite quick and his brothers are claiming credit for training him as he has had to run from them all these years. We shall see where he goes with it as it is a huge commitment for him with training twice a week and the competitions can be a huge distance away.
For me, I love that he has a focus with something very positive to aim for and achieve.

The dog boarding is going very well. I am getting into the swing as to how it all works out and ensuring all the animals in my care have lots of attention. My eldest son impressed me as whilst I was out at athletics he had all the boarding dogs out to exercise them.
We are almost full at points over the summer holidays so I do envisage turning business away :(

Jess is making a good recovery but she has not slowed down any :(

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The rain continues to fall!

Lola continues to settle well. She was charging around with Lulu and Jilly today. They were taking it in turn to hold the ball and the other two chanced. I love to watch them play and have freedom.

I have been out erecting fencing this morning. The constant rain has made the ground nice and soft which made the knocking in with the sledge hammer easier but I am fed up with getting wet! when will it stop!

Jess is going back to the orthopaedic hospital in Lichfield tomorrow for a check x ray but she is doing very well and really starting to use that leg. I really do not feel that she will have slowed down any.

I am really hoping to get my horse out to do some dressage competitions when the weather improves. They do need to be clean and tidy which is very difficult when the ground is so wet and muddy and we don't have stables.

He is looking great and has wintered well.