Friday, 24 January 2014


What a little cutie Phoebe is.

For those that have been to mine recently this wall is the retaining wall, supporting the earth which is a result of the installation of the new gates, as the land falls away sharply.

It is just 9 inches deep so what pocessed Phoebes to jump on and park her butt we shall never know.

We wondered if she is practising to be a statue :) A model:)

Perhaps I should have one made from this photo, friend took on her mobile phone :)

Down on the farm we are very quiet with just a few cats and rabbits in, a steady trickle of dogs and an ever decreasing number of puppies to care for as they find new, loving, caring homes.

This is historically my quietest time of the year, boarding wise and, in a way it's good as it enables me to catch up on jobs. Cleaning being a big part of what I get up to at the moment, preparing for my next busy season which is just around the corner.

I am also on a get "ultra fit" mission which involves me going to Zumba and Bokra classes and doing lots of walking and to really push myself, going running :)

I shall explain why at a later date.

I haven't been riding a lot of late but my middle son and I had a lovely ride on Scotty who was such a good boy and is a really genuine, gentle horse even though he is a full thoroughbred which are not my favourite.