Sunday, 27 November 2011

3 weeks old already!

They are up on their feet now, wrestling and playing and  thankfully, still sleeping quite a lot.
I gave them their first meal on Saturday and they loved it. They all tucked in.

The builders have been here, all weather, for what seen like an age now. It is certainly taking shape though. The roof timbers are almost complete so the tiles can go on next week. I have appointed a plumber and electrician and the gents who are doing the exercise run are all set to go.
It has been a huge project for me and significant investment but I have had quite a number of enquiries already and have embarked upon a fairly extensive advertising campaign so finger crossed.

The cattery is almost full for Christmas which is of course great news. Many of the bookings are for 1/2 or even 3 weeks. My eldest son did say he would get up early on Christmas morning to help me. Lets see if he does :)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Soooo cute!

This is one of lulu's puppies. They are multi generational, that being Labradoodle with Labradoodle. They should be non/low shedding.
They are very chunky, this one in particular. 

How life moves on!

 The puppies are fast approaching 3 weeks. They are up on their feet, eyes and ears open and becoming very playful. I wormed them at 2 weeks and will again at 4 and 6 weeks (routine)
They are just adorable and most of them are sold. Funny isn't it? There are many black dogs around so many people do like them yet in my experience they are always the last to go and this litter is no exception. The most confident of the litter continues to be a very curly black girl.
Bea has filled out just a little, she has unlimited food and is just a fantastic Mum. She loves all the extra attention when visitors come to view her babies too.

The Derby Telegraph did a little feature on my business which was in the paper today. Thank you :)

Dog's paws is coming along very well and should be completed very soon. I hope so any way as I have bookings already. Some of the work will have to wait until the ground dries out but the heated units and exercise area will be ready.

With the weather being abnormally warm it is difficult to know what to do with the horses as my boys rode last evening and the horses were soooo sweaty so they will need to be clipped again but I don't want to do it as the weather may turns very bad.  We do put rugs on them though when we remove all of their hair and rugs are so efficient these days. Animals

Saturday, 19 November 2011

So cute!

Now 2 weeks old. Eyes are opening and one little black girl is desperately trying to walk. She has made it right across the room a few times. She has obviously got an independent character.

I have taken deposits for a few already as people have patiently waited for these puppies to be born. They either know other dogs bred by us and obviously like them or people have recommended us, either way I am safe in the knowledge that these families really do want a dog. Not just any dog, the right dog for them.

They will be ready to start to leave home from 16th December  which means by spring 2012 they will be ready to go out and about and have lots of adventures. If the training is carried out correctly they should have obedient and energetic young dogs. What fun they should all have, not least of all the puppies :)

Who had a Birthday then?

What lovely, lovely friends and family I have as, yes I had a BIIIG Birthday this week. This cake is just too nice to eat and so thoughtful. My home is like a wine bar and a florist shop and I am also going, one day, to have a whizz about in a Farrari.  (my lovely, kind, big sister and neices).

What a beautiful sun rise this morning and did my dogs make me smile?.

Toffee and Jess thought they were racing each other on an imaginary race track. Gemma (my old girl) got all giddy after I had groomed her. She put her tail between her legs and off she went. All my other dogs followed. A sea of dogs wrestling and running with such freedom and energy. Just having fun with not a care in the world. Lucky dogs :)

The builders have been here working hard all week and they are here again today (Saturday). The building is almost ready for the roof which means the electrician can start soon. It is enormous and each dog unit is very generous. As my aim is to ensure the dogs comfort and welfare whilst in my care, having space is but one factor to be considered.

We shall be open for Christmas 2011 :)

Monday, 14 November 2011

8 days old

The whole litter are doing very well. The noise they make at times is unbelievable. They cannot walk as yet but boy, can they get around the room!! Their coats are lovely and getting more curly. This is important as in my experience the more curly the coat the less likely hood that they will shed.

Bea is such a proud Mum and clearly is enjoying the extra attention.

Pippa is in season again so I will have to keep her well away from Oscar (my only male) as she will want to be mated when her hormones are right and she will not mind that he is a Labrador and she just a little terrier :)

I am hoping to get out a little on my horse this week.
The builders are busy moving the dog boarding forwards.
I do have a few cats in but it is not too busy.
The 2 French exchange students I had here last week have gone home now.
All in all a slightly quieter week!!   At the moment anyway :)

Friday, 11 November 2011

Dog's Paws Open for Christmas 2011

Yes I am very pleased with how it is all taking shape but I took a lot of comfort from the council inspector being impressed by it too.  She inspects all South Derbyshire's boarding facilities so is able to make an objective judgement.

I have been granted a licence which means I can now take bookings.

Having a number of dogs of my own I have set the boarding up in such a way to attempt to address the needs of the dogs.

They have their own spacious unit, with a small run attached. It will be heated from under the ground and they will have lovely thick bedding to sleep on.
I will feed only quality food and they all have their own, constantly fresh water supply.
Regularly they will have the freedom to run wild in our safe, large run.

One of the most important facts is that this is my business, at our home. My boys and I are in and out all the time so the dogs, as with all animals in our care will have as much or as little attention as they would like.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Maternity unit

As we love to give all puppies bred here the best of starts in life, with each and every puppy getting lots of handling, love and attention, I don't, in the ideal world have more than one litter at a time.

OK, so we don't live in an ideal world!

Lulu, who until 10 days ago didn't look pregnant is whelping at this very moment. (03.20)

As the uterine buds sit just beneath a dogs spinal column and if the dogs is fit and muscular, the puppies will be held high until they absolutely cannot any longer. The bitch does seem to become pregnant over night. This is a safe place for the puppies if the bitch should be struck by predators. OK so there aren't too many around these days but nature does have a way of protecting and ensuring survival.

Lulu's puppies are multi generational (Labradoodle and Labradoodle) Hugo is Dad if you would like to view him on

Lulu wasn't sure what on earth to do with the first couple born but is getting the hang of it now. (Thank goodness) She is also being less clumsy with them.

Bea's litter are all doing very well. They are in the next room and are very noisy.

Our home is going to be filled with fun and joy as the puppies grow and develope.

Monday, 7 November 2011

All go

Bea has done it again and delivered a beautiful litter of gorgeous Labdradoodle puppies. Chocolate, Golden and Black. Boys and girls. They look sooo health with beautiful shiny coats ( I'll get some pictures later).

Lulu is due at any moment too. Another night duty ahead:)

We have two French pupils staying with us at the moment. They are 13 year old girls from a school in the centre of Paris, they live in the suburbs, so they were wowed by our home. Thankfully they love dogs and animals.
It is lovely to have girls in the house even though their English is not great and our French leaves a lot to be desired. We do have fun though with the dictionaries on the table and we all sit and eat and try hard to converse.

I actually managed to get my horse out for a hack this morning. I did just walk him as his shoe is loose. It was lovely though and he is such a good boy as wagon and busses go whizzing by.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Making progress

Just a few more courses of block work to go. once the roof is on the electrician can get going with the underfloor heating.
The rain hasn't helped but we did need it.
The boys are enjoying their riding as they attend the clinics organised by the Meynell Pony Club
My youngest is training at the Derby Athletics club. He is hoping to be involved in competition next year.

I have had lets of very positive feedback with regards the cockerpoos as they have settled well.
I will breed another litter next year as they clearly have great natures.

All go as ever at West Farm!!