Tuesday, 18 August 2015

What's new?

A very busy summer of course as everyone goes away and we care for their pets. 

It is so very rewarding when a quiet, timid and some times very nervous dog arrives and with a little patience we bring it round to be happy and confident whist here. The family arrive, very tentative to collect and out bounds a lively dog who has clearly had a nice time. The family are so delighted they book to secure their place next year :)

This can only happen because we truly care. My team of helpers are as vidulant as I am about each and every pet we  have entrusted to us.

I have decided to go ahead with our planned expansion of the dog boarding kennels. It will be built of block and steal which is both easy to keep clean and disease free. We have oodles of carpet and lovely soft bedding too.
I have been pacing out a paddock as one of the keys to happy dogs is lots of exercise so I am planning to have a further three/four exercise areas giving us seven in total.
If the weather is nice and we can then the dogs in our care are some times out playing all day. At night they are quiet as often shattered from running, wrestling and just having good fun

My lovely boys are all doing well. Eldest going into his final year of his electrical apprenticeship so lets see what lay ahead for him now but he is with a very good company
My middle son did very well with his A levels and is off to study for a degree in business management and HR
Youngest starts his second year GCSE in September

I am so very proud of them all as they are making their way in life.