Thursday, 28 May 2015

Down on the farm

Thought I would give you an update on what I have been up to "down on the farm"


I have bought a second hand mower so I have half a fighting chance of keeping on top of the mowing. It's a beefy little machine and whilst it is a novelty my youngest is happy to do it. Good move :)

I have had lots of earth moved as am creating a fantastic dog run which encompasses part of an iseland and includes some trees. It will be great for the high energy dogs and whilst i'm at home they could be outdoors all day as there is shelter/shade too.


I have got lovely fitted floors in the new cattery block and almost finished the painting so ready for the summer although we have been very busy this week with cats as well as dogs.  I have been gathering chairs and small tables so each unit gives each cat a nice place to sit, either high or low. Either by the window or not. Either inside or out in their own private run.

Our animals

Ruby Do, Phoebe's daughter is doing very well and her training has started.

We have a new addition but i'm not telling you what and see if you spot her when you're next here :)


Yes, summer is upon us and bookings are coming in thick and fast. We are almost full in the dog boarding and many units are booked in the cattery too. Dog owners do seem to book earlier than cat's but I guess if you cannot accommodate your dog you really are stuck for going away where as it's probably easier to have a cat looked after by a friend or neighbour.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Phew! another Family Fun and Doggy Day over :)

It was fantastic, the weather was perfect, people arrived in their droves, we had to use our neighbours field for extra parking.

We had in excess of 1000 people on site and hundreds of dogs who were all impeccably well behaved.

The show classes were well subscribed and boy! did we have a good giggle at the scurry dogs.

The team of helpers were fantastic and Mel, in both the run up and on the day, as always, is such a rock. We make a great pair. We think the same and both graft, never shy of work and prepared to do what ever it takes to ensure everyone has a lovely time.

The demonstrations were wonderful so a huge thank you to Prospector canine events team and Dave Blackshaw dog agility group (Sophi)

A big thank you, of course goes to the many, many people who came to support the day.

The big question is, will we do it again next year?