Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Chunky puppies

Jilly has just had a good play session, in the rain. She needed a break from her Mummy duties as she is doing a fantastic job. The puppies are all doing great and they have doubled at least since they were born. Their coats are just starting to break a little as they are Labradoodles.

My boys are at pony camp this being their last day they have a one day event, riding dressage, show jumping and cross country. They have both had a fantastic week, both having had responsibilities for a squadron and many of the children are new to senior camp so they have had their work cut out.

I am shattered as the business is very busy and I have been doing all the food shopping for camp each day and taking it up to them. Well! it gets me in to make sure my boys are ok :) I have a lady who comes in to let the dogs out at lunch time and help out in what ever way is needed. She is enjoying it thank goodness as it is so hard to find some one you can trust with not just your business but your home as well.

Must go and get the water proofs out as it is throwing it down of course :(

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Has the rain stopped?

Golly I do hope so.

We are trying to put an additional dog run up so we will have two big exercise areas for our guests to let off steam. It has been a challenge as the rain has pored and pored. It has been relentless!!
We have our fingers crossed that summer has at last arrived.

Jilly (chocolate Lab) delivered her litter of Labradoodles today. Dad is Max, a chocolate standard poodle. I sat up with her all night and typically the first one arrived at 6.15 am. They look beautiful and healthy. Jilly looks shattered but is coping very well.

My boys have had friends around this week and it has been lovely to hear them chatter and play. They spent much of the time together, out side and on our island. They had a BB war and really enjoyed them selves.

We have puppies

Jilly (Chocolate Labrador) and Max (Chocolate standard Poodle) have produced a lovely litter of chocolate or golden Labradoodle puppies.

Jilly it doing a great job and being a very attentive Mum. She will let us handle them which is great for the puppies education and confidence building but wo betide any of our other dogs that go near her "den". The puppies only sense available at the moment is smell so exposure to humans is great. We have a lot of people in and out and everyone loves to see puppies. Many have never seen them so young and are fascinated. We don't let people hold them at this stage as I do feel that would push Jilly too far and serves no real purpose. Myself and my boys handle them and check them over regularly.

My two big boys are at pony camp and having a great time. There are 44 children there, half newcomers. All with their ponies of course. We went to see them yesterday and it was smiles all around. My eldest jumped a metre high jump on his new horse so was beaming from ear to ear and my middle son was on the cross country course jumping very confidently and surrounded by girls.
They are at Eland lodge which is a British event yard wit fantastic facilities.
They are already talking about camp next year. They clearly love it.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Down on the farm

My place is looking very clean and tidy. I have been painting and cleaning all the cat units (with a little help from my boys) I have painted the floor and what a difference it has made to it. It is all 5 years old now so was in need of a spruce up.

The dog boarding continues to go well. I have lots of dogs in and summer is proving to be very busy.
I love nothing better than to get to know their charactors and who can go out to play with who. I have cut back a little on how much they went out as the dogs were getting so very tired as it was turning out to be about 4 hours play time a day and I guess they are just not used to it. They still have  3/4 runs out a day and ooodles of attention. My boys love helping too. They have all been brought up with animals of course so are very confident around them. No summer holiday for us this year.

We are down to just 2 horses as I have parted with mine. A multi factorial decision of course but I am missing them as I cannot get on top of all the grass this year.  Perhaps we need sheep?

Friday, 6 July 2012

Idilic life??

Ok, so it is not always an idilic life style as today I have been trying to divert the flow of water off my drive and cleaning out drains but it is all part of it. This weather is showing me just what I need to do to have my place as close to perfect as is possible. :)

The cattery has stood up to it very, very well in fact, I did have to laugh as, as the torrential rain fell I looked across and saw every unit with the cat occupant sat out in their run (under cover of course).

The dog boarding has just let some rain water in through the block work at the rear. The roof continues to leak but I have a solution to that. The dogs really don't mind getting wet and have had their usual amount of exercise and play time. I am on my 4th change of dry clothes today.

I do really enjoy it though which is half the battle. I love making sure all the animals in my care are well cared for no matter what the weather.

I have noticed an incredible amount of slugs this year. I guess due to the wet and humid conditions. There are also mini tree frogs every where. I haven't spotted them on my land before.

Summer is on it's way.        I hope!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Summer is here

I am so not going to moan about the weather!!!

I am really enjoying the dog boarding and it is lovely to get to know all our guests. We have a Rotti in at the moment who I would love to hide when the owners come to collect her. She is just fabulous. So affectionate and loving. She and some of the others come up onto my yard for a good run around. My boys are loving it too as they get to play with these lovely dogs. They are animal crackers too.

We do have a cocker spaniel in who hasn't settled in the boarding and didn't even settle in our house until I put her with some of my dogs. I think she needed the company.  She is fine now.

The girls cooking litters are starting to look a little round now so we should have puppies later this month. We are expecting Labradoodles and jackapoos. Fingers crossed all goes well for them.

Toffee should come into season soon so we should have cockerpoos later in the year too.