Saturday, 28 July 2012

Has the rain stopped?

Golly I do hope so.

We are trying to put an additional dog run up so we will have two big exercise areas for our guests to let off steam. It has been a challenge as the rain has pored and pored. It has been relentless!!
We have our fingers crossed that summer has at last arrived.

Jilly (chocolate Lab) delivered her litter of Labradoodles today. Dad is Max, a chocolate standard poodle. I sat up with her all night and typically the first one arrived at 6.15 am. They look beautiful and healthy. Jilly looks shattered but is coping very well.

My boys have had friends around this week and it has been lovely to hear them chatter and play. They spent much of the time together, out side and on our island. They had a BB war and really enjoyed them selves.

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