Sunday, 15 July 2012

Down on the farm

My place is looking very clean and tidy. I have been painting and cleaning all the cat units (with a little help from my boys) I have painted the floor and what a difference it has made to it. It is all 5 years old now so was in need of a spruce up.

The dog boarding continues to go well. I have lots of dogs in and summer is proving to be very busy.
I love nothing better than to get to know their charactors and who can go out to play with who. I have cut back a little on how much they went out as the dogs were getting so very tired as it was turning out to be about 4 hours play time a day and I guess they are just not used to it. They still have  3/4 runs out a day and ooodles of attention. My boys love helping too. They have all been brought up with animals of course so are very confident around them. No summer holiday for us this year.

We are down to just 2 horses as I have parted with mine. A multi factorial decision of course but I am missing them as I cannot get on top of all the grass this year.  Perhaps we need sheep?

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