Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Up on their feet already

Now 5 weeks and very lively. Eating well and full of fun.
Mum (our F2B Labradoodle) developed an abscess but Jilly our Labrador stepped in and helped with milk supply. Instincts!!!

All are doing great now. Lulu back to full fitness and milk supply
Jilly enjoyed unlimited food
Puppies are great finding new homes as have lovely, thick fleecy coats.

My partner and I went to London to see Tim Minchin in Jesus Christ Super Star and it was fantastic. Ben Forster, he lead, definately stole the show with a solo. Stunning!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Is she laughing?

She is adorable and the whole litter are so very confident as they charge around the paddock in the sunshine.
Sales are very slow but that is usual for this time of the year as people are getting back to normal after summer holidays. Fingers crossed it will pick up as I have many mouthes to feed already.

I am really missing not having a horse but with life as manic as it is I think it is for the best. We may need to get a larger one for my middle son having said that as he continues to grow (almost 6 feet age 15 years) and he clearly loves his riding.
 My eldest son is doing a lot of work with his new boy. I am impressed at the level of patience he has with him.

My youngest is off to Germany soon on an exchange. He is looking forward to it and he really does enjoy learning the language.

Marion and I spent most of last week thoroughly cleaning the boarding units after the summer rush and ready for the next busy time. Christmas bookings are coming in already for both dogs and cats.