Monday, 23 May 2011

It's raining!!

At last, a decent amount of rain. It is throwing it down!!. This should help the grass and, hopefully hay won't be quite so pricy this year.  Also I do like to stop feeding hay before May as there should be oooodles of good grazing but it was getting close to being a poor year.
Fingers crossed.

Still waiting for my girls to come into season as I get lots of enquiries for puppies.
The cattery is so very busy. Lots of new customers as well as returning ones. We must be doing some thing right.

I have an architect and structural engineer working on my plans for the dog boarding. Well we do want it to be right and of very good quality.

I've started paining my outside windows today. trying to salvage old wooden ones for a little longer.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The power of Vicks

Yes, Vicks to help you breath more easily when you have a cold.

My eldest son loves riding my 17.2hh horse (a big boy). He is very bothered by flies and head shakes masses when he works. As he head shakes he lifts his head and goes very hollow through his back, making it impossible to sit to and work him properly. It is so uncomfortable and it makes the riders back ache after a while.
We have tried all the predictable methods to deal with the problem. Fly spray, mask, nose net, feeding garlic etc. Our trainer suggested using Vicks under his nose net, on his nostrils.  I must admit, we were sceptical but thought we'd give it a go as had nothing to loose.

Wow!! I cannot believe the result. I have just done some great work with him. Very intense and difficult for one so large and he was great. My son was my trainer and we were both amazed as we realised he didn't head shake once.

We are praying for rain as our grass needs to grow to feed our horses.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Been busy!!

I had an operation on my foot last Thursday. The surgeon told me 5 mins per hour, weight baring, for 2 weeks. I did well for a couple of days (whilst it hurt a lot) but I'm glad he didn't see me today!!

An early start to walk, feed and poo pick our dogs and puppies

Next- tending all our boarding animals (they all need a little TLC too)

Next- drop my youngest for his day paint balling with his friends

Next- home to help my eldest prepare for his pony games competition and the International Horse trials at Chatsworth House.   WOW what a setting and the children had a fantastic day, all smiling and no disasters thank goodness. They did very well.

Next- drop my middle son with my partner (the two of them went to the cinema and had a very tasty subway) They had a lovely day.

Chatsworth took up many hours however I did sneak a little sit down and enjoyed the Sue Carson Dressage demonstration. Fantastically elegant. I'm enthused and want to get on my horse!

Next -it's now evening so gather my boys, care for all the animals, both boarders and guests.

Next - Late evening Honey is leaving home (Jackapoo puppy) Mr and Mrs Dickerson and delighted with her and promise to keep in touch. Honey is going to have a lovely life attending many local council appointments with Mrs Dickerson.

Next- Very late evening   "Whats for tea?" asks my eldest son.

It is a great life and such good fun but at times exhausting.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Old or young?

I had  long chat with a lady yesterday who is toying with the idea of whether to have a puppy or a rescue dog.

I hope I wasn't biased, being a breeder but this is what we discussed.

A puppy comes as a clean canvas. It will have no bad habits and what it learns will be up to you. If training is started from day one, is correct and consistent then the resulting dog will be what you have created.
It will be very accepting of your life ie children, other pets, routine and life style.

A rescue dog is unknown and whilst it is very sad that they are in need of a new home they are an unknown. They will have had the all important ground work done and who knows how well.
They will inevitably be more "set in their ways" and have routines. That being said many go onto new homes and bring great joy but many don't.  It is a gamble!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Miss mating

Jilly my chocolate Labrador came into season. I hadn't noticed but Oscar had. He told Buster, my partners castrated labradoodle, under no uncertain terms to stay away from her. I thought this strange as Oscar is such a laid back, cool dog. I made sure Buster was ok, turned around to see Oscar and Jilly tied (mated). Oh! No! As she was to miss a season, off to our vets we went for the "morning after" type injection. 

She seems fine and suffering no side effects and the resulting puppies should be reabsorbed.


May the 4th be with you :)

Tom is mixing with celebrities!!

Mr and Mrs Coppen called to collect their rabbit, Twist but who can resist a cuddle with a gorgeous puppy?

Mr Coppen will be known to many of you star wars fans as he was an Ewok in Return of the Jedi.

For more information about Mr Coppen visit