Saturday, 29 October 2011

Clearly a trip out!

My boys went for a hack with one of their friends from pony camp.  Her big brother very kindly guided their way. Alstonfields Manor was our destination,where they live and run a B and B. A warmer welcome you couldn't wish for as Jo and Rob have the most beautiful home with a lovely walled garden. The views are stunning across the valley. A great setting if you were getting married I thought.

Ok, so the view were some what restricted today as the heavy fog covered all. It didn't stop us hardened horse rides though, our these walkers.

The children loved the limited vision and just leaving their horses to pick their way through the torain.

What a memory they will have stashed in their bank.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

It's all go!

I am shattered but what fun.

My boys are on half term so, as always they are priority and when my middle sons asked "would you pop me to Alton Towers to meet my friends?" "of course" I replied.  He had a great day.
They had a show jumping training evening at Hargate Arena too this evening. My youngest son is out on a sleepover and visiting Water World tomorrow so he will be having fun too. He had two friends here for a sleep over last evening which was very entertaining and all 5 boys played outside for hours.

We have quite a few cats and small pets in who all need some TLC which my boys are happy to help me with.

Dog boarding is going very well and starting to take shape. The outer skin is almost complete so the layout of the units is the next step. Under floor heating goes in early next week.
I am managing the project and sourcing and ordering materials. This saves me significant amounts of money but does add to the pressures of life as when the builders run out of or don't have materials when needed the book stops with me. Arrr!!

Winter is well on it's way and our horses are now clipped, having winter feed and hay. They are very fit and looking great as they have worked well over the summer.
I am hoping to have some time to compete at dressage over the winter. This is a great way to keep them fit. My saddle fitter is coming in the morning to check our saddles. This is something many horse people over look but really is so important to a horses way of going. The farrier is here again too. new shoes!!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Who is this?

Would you recognise her?
Toffee has been to the poochy parlour. She definitely feels good as when I brought her back she ran and ran and ran all my other days playing too. It was such fun. Dogs do recognise each other visually as their greeting to Toffee as she jumped out of the car was very different to their normal greeting. They all had to have a good sniff of her too.
She went to a lovely lady called Mel hall to be clipped. She is very thorough, calm and gentle with the dogs. Toffee was very happy when I went to collect her.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dogs Paws is taking shape

The prep is now complete and the concrete booked. I have ordered the blocks and all the remaining materials so it is full steam ahead.
We have our fingers crossed that the weather will be kind to us as we have quite a team ready to get going.

I had a couple of days off at the weekend and went to Bristol.
What a lovely city. The screanary is stunning, architecture beautiful and the city is steeped in history. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it and whats more, I will return.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Busy days!!

 Dog boarding is well underway now we have final sign off from council.

My youngest son has named it          Dogs Paws    Just need to find a logo now.

I am spending quite a lot of time pricing and sourcing materials such as concrete block, under floor heating systems, self filling water bowls etc, etc What fun.

The area is dug out and weather permitting the concrete base will be laid soon. The builders are (I hope ) very efficient and we should be able to take bookings for Christmas.

The cattery is a little quieter which is no bad thing.
All of the Cockerpoos have lovely homes which is great and so very rewarding.

Winter is nearly upon us so we start feeding hard feed regularly to our horses and putting hay out although grass is still growing. The ground temperature needs to drop below 7 degrees to stop it.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

What a picture

My eldest son took this lovely photograph out of his bedroom window.
Until the weather broke today the puppies were getting some fresh air out in a pen. They had more room to run and let of some steam too. Toffee is refusing them food but is happy to play with them. It is lovely to watch.

Worming of horses done today, rugs on and feeding hay. Winter is on it's way.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

All go

Let Me Out!!

Help! Red won't let me get up!
All the puppies are such good fun now. They are very lively and wrestle all the time. I am forever finding new things for them to play with so they leave each other alone a little. Today I gave them some new shoe cleaning brushes and they loved them. I think they liked the feel of the bristles on their gums.