Sunday, 31 August 2014

Having a holiday :)

Well, I'm going off to the Indonesian jungle to work in an orang-utan rescue centre, trek 190km through the jungle sleeping under a tarp and digging our own loos, planting trees for a day and the last couple of days we will be helping in an elephant recue centre.

I'm going with a group of girl friends, the purpose is to raise funds for research into cancer.

Personally I lost both my brother and brother-in-law recently to the disease and one of the girls in the group has had the last 15years of her life blighted with it so we though we would join her in a challenge to attempt to raise funds to help to make a difference to others.

Seemed a good idea at the time but I have no doubt it is going to be a tough challenge with temperatures 37-40 degrees and humidity at 94% the conditions are not what we are used to in Derby.
Apparently you are always either ascending or descending whilst treking through the jungle and at times you walk through the rivers. We carry all of our own kit so travelling light.

With just a few days to go before we head off via Singapore airline (we were going Malasian) I am feeling a little pensive :(

Given my day to day living and high level of activity in running my dog and cat boarding which has been very busy this summer I think I am physically ready. (other than a broken bone in my foot)

I don't really know just what to expect as there is no accommodation, we dig our own loo and the bed is the ground by the river. We cleanse in the natural springs and no detergents to be used. The noise, I'm sure in the jungle will be tremendous ( I have ear plugs) I don't want to think about the bugs and slithery things.

Having never left my boys I am having pangs of guilt too which is daft as they are not babies and I have put all sorts in place to ensure they are well cared for in all ways whilst I am away.  I'm sure they won't care a great deal and it may even do them some good as since my marriage broke down some 11 years ago I have jumped through many hoop, ensuring I have always been available to care, help and guide my boys the best I can. They may even be a little more helpful when I return as I know they are helping out whilst I am away.

Peak girls challenge  is the name of the group I am going with and we do have a just giving page setup if anyone would like to sponsor/make a donation to the cause it will be very much appreciated.

On 1st November we are organising a halloween party at Lower Damgate Farm Illam  were we will share a little of our experiences
The evening promises to be fun with live music, food, bar and a little of what we got up to in Sumatra if you would like to join us please let me know either via my enquiry page or mobile 07725 941 421 Tickets are £35

Thanks for reading this blog


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Where do I begin

My middle son had a fantastic time in Tanzania working in a school for orphaned children

My youngest has just gone off to Belfast on rugby tour

My eldest is about to commence his second year of his apprenticeship with Futarba

Summer was fantastically busy with cats, dogs and small pets

I have bitten the bullet and built my last 10 cat units. I have also extended my entrance building which looks great. The new build gives me a nice, organised and spacious reception area, an area to build an isolation unit (just in case), I shall also build a holding pen for those who cannot pick up as planned due to travel delays and generous storage area.

Our manic summer is slowing down now so time to paint, clean and freshen all up ready for the next busy time.

We have taken quite a number of bookings for August 2015 as people are not wanting to risk not getting a space with us. Very reassuring for our future :)