Sunday, 24 August 2014

Where do I begin

My middle son had a fantastic time in Tanzania working in a school for orphaned children

My youngest has just gone off to Belfast on rugby tour

My eldest is about to commence his second year of his apprenticeship with Futarba

Summer was fantastically busy with cats, dogs and small pets

I have bitten the bullet and built my last 10 cat units. I have also extended my entrance building which looks great. The new build gives me a nice, organised and spacious reception area, an area to build an isolation unit (just in case), I shall also build a holding pen for those who cannot pick up as planned due to travel delays and generous storage area.

Our manic summer is slowing down now so time to paint, clean and freshen all up ready for the next busy time.

We have taken quite a number of bookings for August 2015 as people are not wanting to risk not getting a space with us. Very reassuring for our future :)

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