Thursday, 25 June 2015

How many hours in a day??

Down on the farm we have a new litter of gorgeous Cockapoo puppies. Toffee is Mum and Duke Dad. She is a loyal girl as has only ever "married" him. They do make lovely puppies/ adult dogs and there are a few around this area if you wanted to see how these puppies will turn out.

Ruby, my Rotti puppy, has started her training so every day I need to spend one to one time with her as I'm determined to have her at least as good as her Mum, Phoebe. My friend Mel and I took our 4 Rotti's out along the canal Wednesday. It was Ruby's first time on the highway and on a lead. She did well. Our next outing we are taking the two puppies into the city :)

We have acquired a pig, YES a pig who apparently hasn't lived with pigs as doesn't get along with them but is very used to dogs. She is great with my dogs but I will need to build her a safe place for when I'm busy with outer peoples dogs who may not be so good with her. (another job to do) She is such a lovely, loving girl who is also house trained but she is either pregnant or has very large worms :) Time will tell.
Everyone loves her including the many teenage boys we have around here :)

We have acquired a 15.1hh horse. A girl and I don't really do girl horses as they can be so "marish" but she found us and what a lovely calm and gentle girl she is so we have decided to take a foal off her. I have found a stunning stallion who is used by the queen to produce the grey horses to pull her carriage. Good enough for the queen :)
She has had her swabs taken and doesn't have any sexually transmitted diseases!!!  Just as well as she has never been courting before. The stallion owner insists on the test and I cannot blame her as she wants to keep her boy "clean" I had no idea it was such a problem with horses.
I also had her scanned to see where she is in her cycle and she is going to be "married" over this weekend as is about to ovulate.
Fingers crossed 11 month time we will have the pitter, patter of more tiny feet :)

The new dog run a proving a god send and our many boarding dogs can be outside most of the day and if not yappy they never get shut in at all. I do run nice kennels even though I do say so myself. Actually many others say so as we are getting very busy all the time and at points in the summer we are already full.

Painting in the cattery is almost there. Just the doors and the floor to do now then we are ready for summer.

I am looking to take some help on but finding the right person is not easy. Someone who can maintain our high standards, who is great with the animals, who can work and think for themselves and who is trustworthy and good with people. A tall order but I am looking as we would like a holiday and after 9 years of trading I would like a full day off a week :)

Exam season is over for my boys so wind down is happening. They are soon on summer holidays. Middle son is trying to secure a summer job in HR as that is what he is studying at university in September. I'm so proud

Monday, 1 June 2015

What's new?

Where do I begin? :)

We now have a large, supper, dooper  dog run which goes round the island and takes in trees so great for shade on those illusive hot, sunny, summer days. This gives me 3 large exercise areas so ready for the busy summer.

My lovely horse had to be put to sleep as had a long standing problem with his hind legs. So very sad but at least he isn't being passed onto some poor, unsuspecting buyer and I will look again as not ready to hang up my riding boots yet :)

We have acquired a micro pig called Whinney. She thinks she is a dog and cannot settle with other pigs. In fact she does fight them. She is great with my dogs, is house trained and comes when called. She loves fuss and likes watching TV too :)

My ride on mower is proving fantastic and helping me keep on top of maintenance of the place.

My lovely boys are in the middle of exams and seem to be working and doing well. Time will tell :)
Despite having an unconditional offer at university to study business studies with H R my middle son is working hard to do well with his A levels.

I am a very proud Mum