Saturday, 15 March 2014

Golly do I ache :)

Going to walk the moon walk in May

26.2 miles in London.

Raising money for breast cancer research, so a great cause.

44,000 people do it. All with their bra's on.

A few men too.

So, I am in training any yesterday my friend who I train with said lets go to her gym and do an hours session before we walked. What a great idea so off we went. 1 hour later, having done the session we had a fabulous walk for 13 miles. We averaged 4.5 miles per hour so a good pace.

I woke this morning and felt fine until I tried to move :)
As the day is going on my muscles are tightening so I am having to stretch where ever and whenever possible. The people in the shop must have thought I had lost the plot.

So, hard work and challenging at the moment but as I have an even bigger challenge later this year I really do need to do this :)

Anyone wishing to make a donation please let me know

Thanks Bev

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A lovely day

 The battle of the forces :) Phoebe and Robbie love to play tug of war. Typical Terrier, he thinks he is in with a chance.
 We manage to loose this toy but had a lovely time
Great photography Steve :)

Phoebe and I went walking with Kate, Steve and Robbie on Sunday. A beautiful day and lots of freedom for the dogs. We walked from Melbourne across to Formarke and round to Ticknell and back to Melbourne. It was a very warm day but be warned, still very wet and muddy under foot as Kate found out the hard way :(