Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I'm no photographer

It was a nasty, dull morning with ooodles of dew on the cobwebs
This is the view from outside my new gates towards my new build
Looking good I think :)

Monday, 24 November 2014

Looking good

Who knows why Maggie likes to site in her dinner bowl but she does. Maybe it's cool on her botty :)

Friday, 21 November 2014

All quiet

This is my quietest time of the year so I'm going to get painting the dog units to freshen everywhere up.

Dogs really are so messy compared to cats.

I use a specialist masonary paint inside the dog units. This seals the block so any dogs urinating on the wall, it will sit on the surface and be easily cleaned and sprayed with Virkon, my powerful detergent.

Painting also freshens everywhere up too as I do like my place to always look clean and tidy and welcoming to my guests :) and their owners :)

The cattery had a big facelift earlier so other than cleaning we are ready for our next busy period will will be Christmas now.

It was with sadness that I saw on the TV the reports of poor puppies being smuggled into the UK bringing in, who knows what diseases. The puppies travel in dreadful conditions and many loose their life making the journey. I hate to think what conditions their parents are being kept in.

Rabies is a real risk around Europe and this type of activity could well bring it to the UK but if people here didn't buy these puppies then this smuggling would be futile and stop!!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Christmas is coming

A friend has started a small business making personalised pet bits. Great Christmas ideas if you have a look at

We are almost full for dog boarding and not many units in the cattery still available so please don't leave it too long or there will be no room at my inn.

We are quite quiet at the moment which is good news as we can give everywhere a thorough clean and repaint wall especially the dog boarding as they are so messy.

Many people have booked their dog boarding places for summer 2015, making sure there can come to Dogs Paws. Great confidence boost for me in that we must be doing a good job :)

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Down on the farm :)

At last we are coming to the end of what has been an incredibly busy summer which started early July.

I am really enjoying caring for the boarding dogs as well as the cats as it is so very rewarding. The dogs fall into several categories.

OOOzing confidence _ They drag you in through the door. Cannot wait to get out to play and almost knock you over to get to the run and they do just love everyone

Little timed _ Not in a hurry to come out for the first day but once they have ventured into the big run (either by themselves or with others) their confidence is established and they don't look back

Nervous _ These guys just need a little encouragement to come out of their unit (but never forced). Sometimes they need a lead on and I do suspect they only ever go out on a lead. I get great satisfaction when these guys grow in confidence and come out on their own and you would be amazed at how quickly this happens :)

Scared _ These guys are a little more trick as you do have to tread with care as they will snap at you. The key is never to force, go and do what you have to to care for them and wait patiently for their curiosity to get the better of them and they will come to you. A very tasty treat I find helps the process but how incredibly rewarding when they begin to build their trust and venture out with you. It really doesn't take long!!

With the many, many dogs we have boarded over the 2 years I have only had a couple who really would not leave their units but as they all have their very own run and access to fresh air every day it isn't the end of the world.

We have many happy customers returning and recommending us and vets boarding their own pets with us now too which is a great vote of confidence in what we are achieving.

Almost full for Christmas 2014 and have many bookings for summer 2015 so please don't leave it too long if you would like to bring you pets to us :)