Sunday, 21 April 2013

What a big girl!

I know I am bias but Phoebe is beautiful and generally well behaved. The number of people who are surprised that she is a Rotty and their image is not of gentle or submission which is how she is.

The Labrador puppies are leaving us now and she has played a great role in their education with socialising. If I'm not careful she will be asking for a salary.

Other news
We have sold Storm, our coloured horse as he had no jockey. The money has helped towards my eldest's car insurance which is crippling and towards my middle son's pot for his Tanzania 2014 as he too is going to work in the school for orphaned children.

"smelly cat" has settled in very well. Coming and going as he pleases and not using his litter tray, thank goodness.

Bookings for the kennels are looking good for the summer and I now have lots of help to ensure we maintain our high standards
Cattery bookings look a little slow but that could all change.

The preparations for 6th May are all under way and Mel and I are starting to look forward to it. We are just praying for some sunshine :)

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Play time!

No Phoebe, you cannot eat the puppy :)

Actually she is fantastic with them. Of course we never leave them un attended but it is good for their socialisation to have exposure so young.

Phoebe is doing very well with her training other than 2 days ago when she followed Pippa (our Terrier) to the farm next door to steel cat food!!
I called her and yes, I did expect her to turn and come back but no, where Pippa was taking her was so much more fun. I have focussed on this and she was so much better today.

My next stage is to encourage her to wait where ever I leave her until I release her.  She is getting the hang of it.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Guess where I have been :)

Yes! on a much needed holiday and took 2 of my boys to France skiing for a week. (My middle son was away with school) We went to an area called Montgenevre. I am not usually a great fan of Europe for skiing as the runs tend to be narrow and the lifts, too few in number, congested and busy but this holiday has had a good impact as the conditions were perfect with wide open pistes, well groomed and the lifts were plentiful and never was there a que..

We all came back having skied our little legs off and with a good tan as it was very sunny.

Marion and Laura did a great job looking after the farm and all for me as without that back up I would never get away and as much as I love it, it truly is 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and at times exhausting.

We are beavering away and preparing for our fun day 6th May. I do hope the weather improves and the crowds come flocking and we all have a great day.