Friday, 19 July 2013

Where do I begin?

My eldest son is now in Tanzania, working in the school for orphagned children. He has no phone etc so I can only assume he is having and enjoying a fantastic life experience.

He passed his driving test on Monday before he left last Wednesday and had the third phase of an interview for an engineering apprentciship so what a week he had.

My middle son is working very hard at the moment too as he is now raising funds to go to Tanzania next summer. He is helping me (we moved 11 tonns of gravel) He is glass collecting on 7 hour shifts and doing manual labour for our neighbours.

I feel very proud of my boys as I am fully aware of the reluctance of many youngsters to "graft"

Business wise, we are incredably busy.

We have been granted permission to increase our number of dogs as we have been turning customers away since the dog boarding was just 1 year old. Needless to say we are no longer advertising.

The cattery is almost fully booked for summer too. I do think we are doing so well as all of our units have their own outdoor run, especially in this weather but also it offers the cats stimulation as they all have a lovely view too.
We have done quite a lot of maintenance this summer with a new roof going onto the cattery soon too so we are looking very smart.

I am so very pleased with the dog boarding as this heat is a great test of it and the units themselves are certainly lovely and cool. I did heavily insulate the roof and put a grannit floor in all of the units and it is all paying off now as the dogs are clearly very comfortable and cool. The self filling water dispensers are certainly a big hit, providing fresh, cool water constantly and I am not for ever carrying buckets of water.

Phoebe is still such a star as she breezed through her silver Kennel Club award. She is such a pleasure to work with and so very easy to train. She certainly does her breed proud.