Saturday, 13 June 2020

What a year so far!!

Many don't consider kennels and why should you but we have had no guests for months and months.

We haven't had to close as social distancing isn't a problem but with no one going anywhere no one has needed our services.

I have received cancellation after cancellation for bookings already made which is heartbreaking for all concerned.

having started the year with the dreadful weather and folk cancelling as couldn't get where they were going it has been a nightmare first half of the year.

Enough doom and gloom

My boys have all been home the whole time so we have got on top of some good projects, they have been making furniture from wood, cooking or baking delicious cakes. Waistline gone!!
We have started breaking our young horse which has been a pleasure so far.

My girls have come into season so we should have puppies available and we are starting to see a few bookings but I doubt it will be until next year before we see anything like normality

We are hanging on in there and hope to see you all soon

Hope you are all staying safe


Tuesday, 7 January 2020

A new year

Lets hope we have better weather as it has been a challenge trying to keep dogs in our care well exercised and clean what with all this rain.

Thankfully most of our 16 large runs slope and we have part stoned them but some areas are quite boggy so we have used wood bark

It is tricky as I don't want concrete everywhere and most dogs love to run on soft ground but also we do like dogs to leave us fairly clean so thank goodness for our large stack of towels to dry/clean them off a little.

Even though we are very close to the water table and lots around us flooded our kennels are fine

We are looking forward to a busy year with many bookings already made as happy customers book well in advance as at certain times of the year we will be turning people away so if you are considering using us please feel free to call in any day at either 9ish OR 5 ish as it will be nice to meet you :)