Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Rain, rain, rain

Will it ever stop?

My busy period over the summer is looming and we will be very busy with all animals.

The cats are fine as all set up and has been running for years now 

The dog units are set up and looking lovely. 

We have 4 runs at the moment which works well whilst we are a little quieter. 

I have plans to set up another 6 runs, this will give me the opportunity to run lots of dogs out at the same time. Dependant on the dogs a small number will be together but I need lots of runs. 
I need it to stop raining to enable me to get a large wagon in to transport rubble so I can lift the ground level so dogs don't get covered in mud, then fence and create the runs

Don't worry though as I have a plan B :)

I will use my horse menage which gives the dogs a huge area to run, play and let off steam then when back in their own unit they sleep :)