Thursday, 29 September 2011

Good news

I have been granted final sign off for the building of my dog boarding units.

It is positioned in such a way that it will not affect the cats who are staying with me and the dogs will have a great exercise area and lots to look at. they will have under floor heating and self filling water units too.

Life will have to change a little as I will need some help to ensure we deliver a high standard of care which is always my priority.

My aim is to be up and running in good time for this Christmas.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Duke came to visit

Duke is dad of the puppies, of course and he came to visit today. Red was interested to meet his Dad but he wasn't too bothered. What a lovely natured dog he is though. My own dogs went a little mad but he was completely un phased by them. He strolled into our house and wandered and said hello to all.

My house was full as we have our "Because we would like one" party, which was great fun but he wasn't bothered and chatted to all.

The weather held off and we managed our game of rounders. we had a lovely mix of friends and family and all seemed to mingle and chat. The evening was very relaxed and all seemed to have enjoyed. in fact we have been asked when are we holding another. It was so lovely to spend a decent amount of time with my family as they all stayed over and spent most of Sunday with us too.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

And again

Been playing

The special effects available on my computer are fantastic. You can cut and tweak a quite ordinary picture and make I look quite special. Whats more I didn't need my boys to show me how to use it :)

This is, of course one of our 4 week old puppies.

We played on our  horses this evening. Warmed up in the menage then the boys wanted to do some jumping in our fields. I know you may think we have had some rain but our ditches are bone dry, to the extent that the horses could walk through them. We built a nice little cross country course. What fun and it makes all the hard work of caring for the horses worth while. We don't have stables so I will need to clip their hair off as they will sweat and then get a chill as they will go into the night air and get cold but when they are clipped they do not sweat up as much so dry quicker.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

4 weeks old today

Playing hide and seek.

 As you can see the puppies are so cute. They are very active and 2 can squeeze through the barrier and chase Mum around the porch. Toffee has had enough of them feeding off her now and as they have sharp claws and teeth I cannot blame her.

I have been log chopping this morning, preparing for a cold winter. Chain saws are great at making a big job so very easy.
The grape vine is almost stripped which I do every autumn.
I have been collecting the apples and pears in the orchard and giving them to the horses. They love them. They have had some grapes too.

The cattery is still very busy which is great but only one rabbit in today.

My boys and I are having a "because we want one" party. We have family coming down from Yorkshire and our local friends are joining us. We are kicking off with a game of rounders. We have not had the best of years so what better reason to have a party.
I hope the weather holds out.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Boy! have we had some rain?

Yes I know we needed it but some very heavy showers.
The good thing is that temperatures are still quite high so the ground warm and the grass will grow, which means the horses eat and I don't have to put out hay. I am for ever trying to keep the costs down of our expensive hobby but we do love it.

The dogs are all great at the moment. Gemma the old girl is particularly lively. Not sure why but it is lovely to see as she flies around our yard winding everyone up at then sits on the cheese stone and watches them.
I have told her she is getting a little round and needs to watch her weight but she is a Labrador and won't listen. I will keep a close eye on her though as she is very aged and clearly well loved by both myself and my boys.

The puppies are very active now, trying to run and wrestling well.
Their coat is sooo soft are they are all getting quite fluffy.

Friday, 16 September 2011

So peaceful

The weening process has started. They have just demolished a goodly helping of puppy food and need to rest and grow.
Worming happened this week too so all clear now.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Come on play!!

Three weeks old and  so very mobile and playful. They wrestle and roll around, squeal and  snarl. it is hard to believe they are only 3 weeks old.
I feed puppy food to Toffee as it has the perfect balance of nutrician for production of milk and they are tucking in too. Soooo cute

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Looking at you!

They are all up on their feet today. Red is the most adventurous as she managed to get across the room with no concern that she was alone. As you can see eyes are all open and I know they can hear now as they jump at sudden noises.

Winter must be near as I have been chopping logs today. Well! it is a great way to get fit and take out a little frustration in life.

The horses have been on edge today as the wind gathers strength. I hope the forecasters have it wrong as 80 mph will cause damage. We had a willow tree down last week. I don't mind as it caused no damage and it will give me burning wood for next winter.

Friday, 9 September 2011

"Laid back"

What a life! I couldn't resist showing you this little chap. He obviously takes after his Mum with this pose. Their hearing is developing as they are now startled by load noises.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

looking good

Toffee continues to be a great Mum and the puppies are all growing well and developing as they should be.
2 Weeks old today and their eyes are just starting to open. They look as though they are winking at us.
Their legs are getting a little stronger but still not strong enough to lift their bellies off the floor.

I just love their little, leather look noses.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


Last night I went to a friends birthday party. They were playing indian music. I knew nothing about bollywood dancing but I do now. I had such a great evening, danced and  laughed for hours. I was, of course in great company.

Up as normal "down on the farm" All the dogs are great. The puppies are growing and looking quite curly. I saw a cockerpoo yesterday and they really are cute, little dogs and very friendly.
Bae and Lulu came into season and married so hopefully we shall have labradoodle puppies is 9 weeks.

The cattery is still busy. All the people holidaying who can avoid the school holidays.

My boys enjoyed the cross country so much at horse camp that one went on wednesday and the eldest is going to Eland lodge (british event yard) today.