Sunday, 20 February 2011

A new girl

Yes! some may call me mad as i travelled 125 miles each way to collect a new dog.

She is a young chocolate Labrador girl. She needed a new home as her owner had neither the room or the time for her. She has the most lovely temperament but no manners and she has been seriously overfed. She looks so much older as she is over weight  and cannot run for very long. She has come to live with us and will soon loose the weight playing with my guys. She will get a little less food too.

Oscar, our male lab, has fallen in love with her and would loved to have married her within minutes of arriving.

She is coping integrating into the pack and is very submissive which is always a good move for a new comer.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Finch and my hack out

I took my lovely horse out today.

It is months since he went out on his own and for a horse with separation anxieties that was quite something. He was not keen but with some very positive encouragement he went. It is very important to build and maintain their ability to be independent as we like to, on occasions separate them from the herd, which goes against their natural instincts.

He was a good boy and eventually settled. To begin with he was leaping at the slightest noise or rustle in the hedge. He shot across the road at a pheasant. Strangely enough my horse has never really bother about traffic or trains and as we have to go over the railway bridge that is a good thing.

I really must keep going out with him now as summer approaches he needs to get fitter.

Don't we all!!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A dragon fly

They really are quite pretty at this stage and make me think of warm summer days.

All is quite quiet on the farm. We have a period with no puppies available but a few girls are due in season and just watch they will all be at the same time!

My builder is here tomorrow to put a new roof on the cattery. The wind ripping off the felt was the final straw!. We have a plan to redecorate all the units before we are too busy again at Easter.  We have a few guests at half term but we will work around them and they will get lots of attention whilst we work.

My boys have started pony games training and are thoroughly enjoying it. It is great to watch them having such fun. They have several competitions this year and as with everything in life it takes a lot of practice to be any good.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Meet Roxy

What a stunning looking dog. She is Roxy. We bred her last year and Sally, her owner is so pleased with her she would like another Labrador puppy when we have some available. The family have clearly given Roxy lots of love, attention and training and are finding dog ownership very rewarding.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

She is doing very well

Here's Holly in her new home. Shattered from a big walk.

She has obviously settled in well. I am so pleased as she really is a lovely natured dog who just longs to be loved and pampered and that is just what she will get from her new owners.
Her mate, Cassey, has accepted her very well. She did have a companion who died quite recently and Cassey was, without doubt missing doggy company.
Early days I know but it looks a promising union.