Friday, 9 September 2016

They are not your puppies Phoebe :)

Aunty Phoebe just loves to be a Mum as she allows the Labradoodle puppies to suckle off her. She has no milk but if I allowed her to let them do it long enough it would stimulate her to produce. It has happened before

The puppies, now 6 weeks old are being very well socialised, as you can see. They run on our yard with several of my adult dogs are are really not phased by any of them
They just exude confidence 

Next week vet check, jabs and ready to leave us for their new life

Friday, 2 September 2016

136 bookings in August

What a great summer we have had at Dogs Paws 136 separate booking for dog. 

Some single, some double and for varying lengths of time but WOW what fun it has been. 
Yes at times challenging making sure that each and every dog has all the care and attention needed. There are always a handful of dogs who will happily play out together but I am so very pleased we have a number of separate exercise areas so we can have lots out playing and staying safe.

Next year we will have another 6 runs in the far paddock so lots of space to play

We have taken a lot of bookings already for summer 2017 and the feedback for our efforts has been fantastic

There has been a team of 8 helping me over the summer to whom I will extend a huge thank you

This was just our third summer with the kennels and never advertised so we must be doing lots right
Thanks everyone

The cattery of course is still very important to us and has also been very busy as usual. We have had quite a few young kittens who are always a pleasure to look after and we can always find time to play
Someone has to do it :) :)