Tuesday, 26 March 2013

What weather!!

Ok, so the weather hasn't been great but I love it.
I put on extra layers and off I go to tend the dogs.

They love to run, wrestle and play with each other and in the snow. Find a piece of ice and the fun begins as they play chase with it. When they are all huffing and puffing back into their units they go where they have food and water and their under floor heating is on. For the ones who feel the cold I shut down their hatch as it is very windy at the moment too. They all seem to be happy and now one is off their food which is always a good sign.

We have just had two of our favourites in Missie and Dillon (Bull Mastiffs) Huge dogs but lovely. My boys have been fascinated by them and have given them extra attention. Missie in particular has responded very well to it and has settled well indead. They are coming back in May so must be happy.

Bae (F1 Labradoodle) has eventually come into season after 10 months so by the time we have puppies available from her she will have been approximately 2 years since her last litter. She does produce lovely puppies though and I am covering her with a miniature poodle this time so should make slightly smaller Labradoodles

Thursday, 21 March 2013

All go

This is our poster for our Family Fun and Doggy Day

What a lots of work is going into the preparation so lets hope we have good day.
We have ordered the sunshine in good time and the gazebos will be up to stop us getting sun stroke :)
but doggy people are hardy so I hope you will all turn out in any event.

There will be lots to entertain, feed and water the whole family and it is all to support children's charities so please put the date in your diary and it will be lovely to see you with or with out a dog.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Special guest

Last week we had a German exchange student.
What a pleasure he was to have around.
Very polite and such command of the english language. Any word he was unsure of he was confident enough to ask and between us all we worked it out.  They went to Chatsworth House, Black Country Museum, Staffordshire Potteries and shopping to Westfield of course.

It was interesting hearing about life in Germany as they do appear to have a very structured life with a number of rules to live by.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Play time!!

Tiffin and Phoebe have My eldest pinned down. What fun and such lovely dogs, so trusting and never
any aggression. My boys are all very confident with dogs as they have always had them in their lives.

Tiffin is teaching Phoebe tug of war :)

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Aunty Phoebe

No they are not your babies!!

I cannot believe how gentle she is with Lola's puppies. She has been washing them and even let them suckle off her. At just 6 months old she has no milk of course but she'd fascinated by them, she even picked one up in her mouth and moved it. Sooo gentle

Friday, 1 March 2013

We plough the fields and scatter

Well it felt like the autumn song as the horses have well and truely ploughed the fields as it has been so very wet for so long and we don't have stables.

A good thing for the horses as long as they are well fed and have good rugs on to keep them warm.
A good thing for my boys (who's horses they are) as they don't have mucking out etc to do

As the rain stops and the land begins to dry, fingers crossed that is what is happening at the moment, keeping the horses on the land helps it to flatten down again. My boys and I sewed grass seed last evening so the seed is under the surface as the horses hooves knock it down.

Well that is my theory and hope fully we will have reasonably nice looking grass paddocks ready for our Family Fun and Doggy day on Monday 6th May     and improved grazing for our horses of course :)