Sunday, 19 October 2014

Meet Maggie

How cute is she? :)

Had her jabs now so off to training school (If I can make time)

She is absolutely gorgeous and I could have sold her lots of times over as everyone falls in love with her.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


I couldn't resist and I have kept one of our gorgeous cockapoo puppies.

I've called her Maggie after my lovely Mum who was brave enough to come down from Yorkshire and keep an eye on all whilst I went on my adventure into the Sumatran jungle.

She is spending oodles of time with the other puppies at the moment but I will bring her into the house and crate train her. She has had her first immunisation so after her second we shall go to puppy school and she can learn how to be a good girl :)

I am looking forward to taking her out walking with my lovely, well behaved Phoebe as Maggie will just follow Phoebe and it should prove to be very easy. I hope :)