Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Dog milk

My boys were telling me of a study whereby the researchers gave a group of people milk to drink and asked their opinion. All said it was very nice, rich in flavour and very drinkable.

They were then informed it was dogs milk :)

Could you imagine my having a doggy milking parlour :) From Rottweiler to my little poodle

Apparently dogs milk doesn't carry the bacteria cows milk does so wouldn't need to be pasteurised and judging how incredibly quickly my puppies grow it is very rich and nutritious

I wonder if will ever take off :)

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

It's been sooooo long

I cannot believe I haven't blogged since September 2016

At Dogs Paws /Cats Whiskers we have been busy. As always we have been caring for a number of pets but also getting on top of maintenance jobs after Summer. Dogs really are messy but such fun.

We scrub down and re paint all of the dogs units as necessary. The cat units are all hoovered thoroughly (including the run) and we re paint the walls as needed.

All time consuming jobs but it does keep things looking good and smelling great.

Cats Whiskers is 10 years old already. Where do the years go?

The plans for this year are to establish some more dog runs. To do this I need the ground to dry out as need to bring many tonnes of stone in to lift the ground level so the dogs are not on grass/mud, which it soon becomes with a couple of dogs playing in it

Having watched how the dogs played last summer when we were very busy I will now build the runs with a good gap between them so the dogs concentrate on playing not having a pop at your neighbours :)

We have quite a number of bookings already and I am finding people book a year hence to secure their place.

I promise not to take so long before i'm on here again :)