Sunday, 31 July 2011

Back to reality

Actually it is always great to get back home from any holiday.

Marian has done a great job looking after my business and our home. She even said she enjoyed it and would do it again so where next for us? :)

We certainly have plenty of animals in so she has been very busy.
The cattery continues to grow and the small pet units are full at the moment too.

Toffee is starting to look round (due in 4 weeks) but it hasn't slowed her down yet as she chases for the ball as fast as the rest of my crew.

We have a stunning parrot in at the moment who is not too keen on women and makes a racket when I go into our lounge where he is but he loves my boys. He likes being read to and enjoys my youngest sons piano playing.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Where are we?

Florida. Busch Gardens to be precise.

My boys and I are on holiday with another family. We have been to every theme park and water park in Florida, Orlando. It has been fantastic. Great company,weather, food and the service you get here is second to none. The standards are so high and every detail is addressed to  ensure we have a fabulous holiday. They are the masters of que management and entertaining you whilst you wait.

I have been particularly impressed by the rides themselves also the simulation rides. You truly believed and had to remind yourself it isn't real. I especially felt this in the Harry Potter ride where you feel you are truly flying and you are there by yourself.

Busch gardens is my favourite park as it has a good mixture of rides, not too busy and animals who appear to be happy in their confinement. My boys, being animal crackers clearly enjoyed it too.

It has been many years since I/we have had a good holiday but now we have managed this one we are off again!! (some time)

Saturday, 9 July 2011

The puzzles of life

My dogs love to play ball.
I use the very hard rubber balls as they do not tend to chew them.
I have several on the go and throw them, a sea of dogs chase.
Some one gets it back to me. Some are better than others at giving it.

Poppy will give it but not when the other dogs are close, which is almost all the time. So she keeps it in her mouth.

This morning they have all had a good run around and are panting quite a lot. I collect big buckets of storm water as they do prefer it to tap water. The buckets are full. WOW have we had some rain.

Poppy stood over the bucket, clearly desperate to drink, with a ball in her mouth. She half dropped it and caught it, over the bucket several times. It was so funny to watch her puzzling how to do it.

Her thirst eventually got the better of her and, SPLASH!! in the bucket it went. Once she had quenched her thirst she spent quite a while working out how to retrieve the ball. She could clearly see it under the water. She pushed her nose a little way in several times, I think to test it. She physically stood tall, took a deep breath and plunged her head in. It took her several seconds to bring it out but her did it.

What a clever girl.

Poppy does stand out for me as a particularly bright Lab. I continue with puppy training and she makes me look good. She is such a natural and seems to know what to do before you ask. She loves the close work and walked with me off the lead, glued to my leg. Oscar, my male lab on my other leg.


Monday, 4 July 2011

We would like some cherries

The starlings, every year get there first. The eaters are ready now. As I walk outside the squark is deafening. The whole tree comes to life as they eat in their cherry frenzy. They know exactly what they are  doing as they will leave the cooking cherry tree until later.

I also watched with fascination as the heron sat on the netting, in the middle to make it dip down so it could get to our fish in our pond.

My eldest son and I have been working our big horse and getting him ready for camp. What a privilege to able to share such a rewarding hobby with your children.
He has also decided that he may be interested in helping to back and break our beautiful youngster. This is him Ace, he looks like a beached whale but obviously very relaxed to be flat out like this.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

A fabulous day

Last week was trips week at my boys school. They were all over the place, at different times and needing different equipment. What fun they have had though!

Yesterday the junior school did a Peak district walk. It is my youngest s last year as he moves to seniors in September. I love the occasion. There are about 70 boys ranging from 7 to 11 Lost of teachers and quite a number of parents.

It was a perfect day for walking and everyone did enjoy it. Non more so than myself. It did mean an exceptionally early start at the farm as we have lots of cats in and my dogs of course. My boys are all shattered too so is was a bit of a struggle to get them all up and focussed on their day :)

We started out from Chatsworth house and walked for 6 miles although it didn't seem that long.
Of course we parents and the teachers chatted all the way. At one point we were climbing a hill. The pathway through fern. The long line of children looked like ants.

It is ok having a few hours off but the work doesn't get done by itself so when I returned I had to catch up. I do enjoy it though and even found time to pop to The clock Tower in Shardlow to have a bit to eat with a girl friend so even more chatting :)

I got to bed at midnight so after a 5am start I was shattered and slept like a long. All that Peak District air too :)