Monday, 4 July 2011

We would like some cherries

The starlings, every year get there first. The eaters are ready now. As I walk outside the squark is deafening. The whole tree comes to life as they eat in their cherry frenzy. They know exactly what they are  doing as they will leave the cooking cherry tree until later.

I also watched with fascination as the heron sat on the netting, in the middle to make it dip down so it could get to our fish in our pond.

My eldest son and I have been working our big horse and getting him ready for camp. What a privilege to able to share such a rewarding hobby with your children.
He has also decided that he may be interested in helping to back and break our beautiful youngster. This is him Ace, he looks like a beached whale but obviously very relaxed to be flat out like this.

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