Saturday, 2 July 2011

A fabulous day

Last week was trips week at my boys school. They were all over the place, at different times and needing different equipment. What fun they have had though!

Yesterday the junior school did a Peak district walk. It is my youngest s last year as he moves to seniors in September. I love the occasion. There are about 70 boys ranging from 7 to 11 Lost of teachers and quite a number of parents.

It was a perfect day for walking and everyone did enjoy it. Non more so than myself. It did mean an exceptionally early start at the farm as we have lots of cats in and my dogs of course. My boys are all shattered too so is was a bit of a struggle to get them all up and focussed on their day :)

We started out from Chatsworth house and walked for 6 miles although it didn't seem that long.
Of course we parents and the teachers chatted all the way. At one point we were climbing a hill. The pathway through fern. The long line of children looked like ants.

It is ok having a few hours off but the work doesn't get done by itself so when I returned I had to catch up. I do enjoy it though and even found time to pop to The clock Tower in Shardlow to have a bit to eat with a girl friend so even more chatting :)

I got to bed at midnight so after a 5am start I was shattered and slept like a long. All that Peak District air too :)

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