Monday, 25 July 2011

Where are we?

Florida. Busch Gardens to be precise.

My boys and I are on holiday with another family. We have been to every theme park and water park in Florida, Orlando. It has been fantastic. Great company,weather, food and the service you get here is second to none. The standards are so high and every detail is addressed to  ensure we have a fabulous holiday. They are the masters of que management and entertaining you whilst you wait.

I have been particularly impressed by the rides themselves also the simulation rides. You truly believed and had to remind yourself it isn't real. I especially felt this in the Harry Potter ride where you feel you are truly flying and you are there by yourself.

Busch gardens is my favourite park as it has a good mixture of rides, not too busy and animals who appear to be happy in their confinement. My boys, being animal crackers clearly enjoyed it too.

It has been many years since I/we have had a good holiday but now we have managed this one we are off again!! (some time)

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