Saturday, 4 November 2017

Cleaning, cleaning with a little painting in between :)

This is what we do at this time of year as dogs are so destructive and messy. We do, of course, on a daily basis clean but a deep clean is what will stop our kennels ever harbouring diseases or becoming smelly. We use a specialist detergent called Virkon too

We are quiet at the moment so it"s preparation for our next busy time which will be Christmas now

We are open 365 days a year and have quite a few pets to care for over the Christmas period as people go away or have family visiting so we get to care for their pets. 

What ever the reason we don't mind. The pets have a nice time and all are lovely and snug, the dogs have under floor heating the cats heat pads and they all get a Christmas treat too

Summer worked well with the extra dog runs. We now have 14 separate exercise areas which means we can have a lot of dogs out at the same time but not together. We have very strict policies as to who can safely go out with who so no one is put in any danger of having a fight. It also means all dogs in our care have a long period, twice a day to be out in a run playing, doing their business or what ever they like but not sat in solitary confinement  24/7

We do have a few small groups who will get along well together and it is so lovely watching them, having total freedom to run, play and wrestle then when they are back in their own unit they are quiet as tired. It makes the job worth while especially if we have had one in who starts off a little nervous but after time spent comes out of its shell and joins in the fun and goes home shattered