Wednesday, 27 February 2013

An update

As you can see Phoebe is growing in to an impressive looking girl.

Physically she is doing well and she clearly has some growing still to do as her spare flesh swings from side to side as she runs. Rottweilers run on two tracks with her hind legs following a different path to her fore legs. It does look funny.

Training wise she continues to do very well. She is a very laid back girl and never too quick off the mark but does get the idea and is obedient on the whole. Establishing "stand" is proving a difficulty as we teach dogs to sit almost straight away also Phoebe is lazy and does love to have her bottom and or her belly on the floor.

We and all our visitors love her to bits and she graces our home beautifully.

Rottweilers are a sheer pleasure to own :)

Friday, 22 February 2013

Thorough inspection

A vet and the senior licensing officer from South Derbyshire Council arrived to view our facilities for breeding and boarding of pets.

They looked at the puppies and the facilities I have in my home. We went into the cattery and down to the dog boarding and finished back at the house to go through the paperwork/records.

Ok! so it was a little nerve racking as I have never had a vet or the senior officer and whilst I do try hard to deliver and maintain high standards you don't really know how you are doing across the industry. At times, it is challenging as I am a Mum of 3 very busy boys too

Phew! They gave me a gold star and were clearly pleased with how I am doing. The dog boarding, of course is very new but they commented on the way I had set it up and the thought I had put into the detail.  My guests were all very well behaved and our new litter of puppies are looking gorgeous. The vet commented how lovely it was to see puppies being raised the way we do, giving the new arrivals lots of attention and exposure to family life.

I have my license for another year and the vet did say he would be happy to recommend me to his patients and I don't think you could get better endorsement than that.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Two little ducks

We have ducky, a wild, female malard. She has lived here for 5 ish years now. She came to us via a builder originally who found her in a skip as a duckling. We raised her with our various chicks and then released her to decide for herself. She goes away for winter and comes back every year trailing a number of "husbands" with her. She usually sits two batches and off she goes again until the following year.

The past few days she and one of her husbands sit on the edge of our island teasing the dogs in the kennels. I have Jess (our cocker) down there at the moment and she is very bothered. She squeals and runs up and down the fencing. The ducks sit and watch, obviously fully aware that the dogs cannot get to them.

Monday, 18 February 2013


My old friend from Rugby, where I used to live, came to see us today. She brought her German Pointer and Bracco Italiano. Both beautiful girls. Very fit and sleek. Wendy is showing the Bracco Italiano at crufts so I wish her the very best of luck.

We have had a very busy day today as we have quite a number of boarders, both cats and dogs so the animals take me quite a while. My eldest son helped me as we then headed off to the car auctions to watch a few go through and gauge what there cost would be. He is 17 soon and is desperate to have his freedom but the cost is huge. No the purchasing but the insuring of a 17 year old boy.
I spotted a couple of lovely cars but did resist the temptation :(

Eventually I had finished all my jobs and ready for a sit down when my boys decided it was off to the super market. My eldest shopping for his birthday party (30 + coming, will I survive?) My other two wanted a game. Well! they have been good and helping. :)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Family fun and doggy day

Fun day at West Farm

 Monday 6th May 2013

The weather is ordered :)

Main ring events

Dog obedience/agility demonstration by Derwent Valley Dog Club
Doggy show with fun classes with prizes and rosettes
Dog scurry

We have many stalls and sponsors joining us. Details to follow

Enjoy our BBQ, cake stall and cream tea

We have lots to entertain the children too. Details to follow

Please put the date in your diary as it promises to be a great day

Friday, 8 February 2013


Phoebe and Doris's training continues to go very well.

 We had a session last evening teaching them how to obey commands given from a distance.
They both got the hang of it.

We then did some work getting them to go "down" without an action or command. This took a lot of patience as the basic jist is to have them on a lead and keep their attention with a treat held by your stomach and wait for them to go down and drop the treat. I was shocked as to how it worked as we are basically praising them for something that happens by fluke but once they had been rewarded and the "down" command given at just the right moment they repeated the movement much sooner with subsequent attempts. Phoebe took a little longer than Doris but they do both work very well with each other in the hall to say they are best mates.