Friday, 8 February 2013


Phoebe and Doris's training continues to go very well.

 We had a session last evening teaching them how to obey commands given from a distance.
They both got the hang of it.

We then did some work getting them to go "down" without an action or command. This took a lot of patience as the basic jist is to have them on a lead and keep their attention with a treat held by your stomach and wait for them to go down and drop the treat. I was shocked as to how it worked as we are basically praising them for something that happens by fluke but once they had been rewarded and the "down" command given at just the right moment they repeated the movement much sooner with subsequent attempts. Phoebe took a little longer than Doris but they do both work very well with each other in the hall to say they are best mates.

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