Wednesday, 27 February 2013

An update

As you can see Phoebe is growing in to an impressive looking girl.

Physically she is doing well and she clearly has some growing still to do as her spare flesh swings from side to side as she runs. Rottweilers run on two tracks with her hind legs following a different path to her fore legs. It does look funny.

Training wise she continues to do very well. She is a very laid back girl and never too quick off the mark but does get the idea and is obedient on the whole. Establishing "stand" is proving a difficulty as we teach dogs to sit almost straight away also Phoebe is lazy and does love to have her bottom and or her belly on the floor.

We and all our visitors love her to bits and she graces our home beautifully.

Rottweilers are a sheer pleasure to own :)

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