Friday, 22 February 2013

Thorough inspection

A vet and the senior licensing officer from South Derbyshire Council arrived to view our facilities for breeding and boarding of pets.

They looked at the puppies and the facilities I have in my home. We went into the cattery and down to the dog boarding and finished back at the house to go through the paperwork/records.

Ok! so it was a little nerve racking as I have never had a vet or the senior officer and whilst I do try hard to deliver and maintain high standards you don't really know how you are doing across the industry. At times, it is challenging as I am a Mum of 3 very busy boys too

Phew! They gave me a gold star and were clearly pleased with how I am doing. The dog boarding, of course is very new but they commented on the way I had set it up and the thought I had put into the detail.  My guests were all very well behaved and our new litter of puppies are looking gorgeous. The vet commented how lovely it was to see puppies being raised the way we do, giving the new arrivals lots of attention and exposure to family life.

I have my license for another year and the vet did say he would be happy to recommend me to his patients and I don't think you could get better endorsement than that.

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