Thursday, 29 October 2015

Play time :)

Who says dogs don't enjoy boarding kennels 

These guys play like this for ages and when back in their own unit they sleep like babies.

The building going up behind them is our extension of the kennels. Once complete we will setup 4/5 large exercise areas into my grass paddock. 
When complete we will have 8 exercise areas and continue to offer high levels of care and attention and plenty of fun for your dogs whilst you are away 

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Heads and Tails

Salmon for breakfast and gourmet cat food for dinner so why does Danni, our pest control office (our cat) eat the middle of the mice she catches? 

All prepared for the concrete to arrive :)

We are expending our dog boarding facility. All the new units, like the original will have underfloor heating and self filling water dispensers. We will have 7 exercise areas with high, secure fencing and if they are good together a mate or two to run with :)

I will ensure we continue with our high standards of care and attention and to help me do that Racheal (assistant manager) starts next week