Thursday, 26 February 2015

Down on the farm

The bookings for both cat and dog boarding are coming in steadily. Summer is going to be very busy of course and I am wondering whether to build the extra kennels I have permission to build in readiness.

This is a significant cost/investment but will cause upheavel in the short term.

I am, however waiting for the digger man to come to move some earth around as I am going to create a run which encompassed part of an island which has some great trees for the dogs to run and play around. This will also give me 3 separate exercise areas to have very small numbers of dogs out in to ensure good behaviour and NO dog fights. I do love to stand back and watch them play. It makes it all worthwhile.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Family Fun and Doggy Day

Family Fun and Doggy Day
Monday 4th May

 Yes, Mel and I are holding it again.

The purpose is to raise funds for Findern Primary School and Gadelii School for orphaned children Tanzania so two worthwhile causes

The day is built around a FUN dog show with rosettes and prizes

We cater for the very young with bouncy castle, marry go round and a whole host of fun things to do

There is plenty to do for all us 'adults" too with trade stands to wander around and good old fashioned fair ground games, bbq and cream tea to enjoy

Please help to support the day by coming along. It really is a fun and very economical day out for all the family

If you have any interest in taking a trade stall please contact me