Saturday, 17 March 2012

I did it!! (with a little help)

The concrete base is now in!!
Thank goodness as 10 cubic metres is a lot to level and tamp down. I am shattered. 
What a difference it has made though, it looks great and will be so easy to keep clean and disease free.
The cement wagon couldn't get close enough so I had to hire a pumping machine. If I put the extra cost out of my mind, what a difference it made to the job. They pumped it from the yard, over the kennels and into the run. To an extent it could be spread as it was poured. 



Monday, 12 March 2012


I have decided to take up running!
Mad, maybe.
My youngest has started running with Derby Athletics and he needs to train more often. He is keen and I would like to support him (and get a lot fitter in the process). We are planning to drop onto the canal and run together which would be exhausting but fun. At 12 years of age he is too young to go alone and I doubt he would wish to either. I have no desire to attempt to keep up with him but how nice to be able to share the journey.

My boys and I are planning on doing a run/ride
My eldest two on their horses and myself and my youngest on foot. We shall go on a circuit from our home which is about 5 miles. We giggle at the thought of doing it and I shall let you know when we do.

This week my major job is concreting the dog run. This will ensure that any boarders can get our for a good run around no matter what the weather or ground conditions. It will also help with the peering of their nails. We have been working out the angles and falls to ensure we have no pooling of water in the run. It needs to be easy to clean down too and I have no intentions of having smelly dog kennels.

The painting is all done now!!!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Down on the farm

I have been painting for what feels like days!!

I am using specialist paint in the kennels on the walls and the floors. The floors have taken 3 coats but it is looking great now.

The concrete is no longer absorbent  and dusty but has a lovely, none slip, easy to clean finish.
I have painted to walls a rich cream colour and this too is easily cleaned and lifts the light in the units too.

My next job is to level the scalpings (rubble) in the run, wacker it down and then the concrete can be delivered. The ground has dried out lovely now so the wagon should have no difficulty gaining access.

Once these last jobs are complete I can get posters made as the photographs can be taken then I can really get going with the marketing.
Having said that I am so very pleased with the bookings I have had to date through word of mouth. August particularly is quite busy with a steady trickle leading up to then. A steady start to any new venture has to be a good thing to high light any, small teething difficulties ( I hope I won't have any of course)

Back to the painting :(