Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What a long day

The day started extra early as I have a few boarding dogs in and I do like to give them all time and attention. I also have quite a number of cats to care for and as always my own crew.
My boys, of course need sorting then off to school.

I sat having my cuppa and browsed the internet in search of a wife for Oscar (my gorgeous chocolate lab)
Today I found her. A 7 months old chocolate labrador. Good pedigree and KC registered.
Something felt right about her but it was a nasty day with heavy rain forecast. I did have an appointment at the vets for standard jabs but my mind kept drifting back to this puppy so I moved the appointment and headed off to Leeds!!

We have called her Lola and she is lovely. A deep chocolate colour and whilst still a little nervous having been dragged from her home, she is settling well. I have been doing some training with her and she is very quick to learn. But why wouldn't she? she is a labrador.

The family who had her had just taken too much on with 4 very young children and 3 young labradors. Very brave but it was proving too much for them. I do think people underestimate how much time, attention and exercise any dog needs.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Oh! My! Goodness!

And I thought she must have just bruised herself when she ran into the log but as she was non weight bearing the next day I took her to  Bob Payne (Vet in Willington) He referred her to specialists in Lichfield and she had her fractured femur pinned and plated that very day.
I have no idea why but she wasn't pregnant which is a blessing as she has a few weeks of recovery and behaving herself.

Sorry to all those waiting so patiently for her off spring but she will make a full recovery and I shall mate her her next season in about 6 months time.

On a lighter note.
I have Red boarding with me at the moment. She is one of Toffee's last years litter and what a ball of fluff she is. I shall try and get a photograph of her if she will stay still long enough. She has a beautiful character too.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Great ears!

Bobbin and Bonnie (boarding dogs) are having a great time playing chase.
I have just put them back in their own unit for a snooze as they would play all day. I love to see them though, having some freedom and space to play.
I have had all the boarding dogs out together this morning and what a good time they all had. As I find my feet with this new business venture, always erring on the side of caution, I try new ways and as with my own dogs, I feel the best way to fully exercise a dog is off the lead, chasing and wrestling with others. This is all subject to temperament, age, gender and willingness. Of course

The pully systems are now all in situ for the trapdoors. (It took me all week) I am so pleased with them as they are substantial, aesthetically pleasing and very robust.

Jess (my cocker spaniel) is so very energetic and enthusiastic. She shot out of my gate as we were heading off across the fields and she slammed into a log. Needless to say she is feeling very sorry for herself now.

What beautiful weather again and thank goodness as my eldest son is on his silver D of E practice walk.
He was so looking forward to it so I am pleased the weather has been kind to them as it is miserable on the move for 3 days, camping and getting wet and cold.
He is about to seriously start fund raising as he is going to Tanzania next year to build toilets and teach english in an orphanage.
My youngest is running 3K at the Derby fun run. Good luck