Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What a long day

The day started extra early as I have a few boarding dogs in and I do like to give them all time and attention. I also have quite a number of cats to care for and as always my own crew.
My boys, of course need sorting then off to school.

I sat having my cuppa and browsed the internet in search of a wife for Oscar (my gorgeous chocolate lab)
Today I found her. A 7 months old chocolate labrador. Good pedigree and KC registered.
Something felt right about her but it was a nasty day with heavy rain forecast. I did have an appointment at the vets for standard jabs but my mind kept drifting back to this puppy so I moved the appointment and headed off to Leeds!!

We have called her Lola and she is lovely. A deep chocolate colour and whilst still a little nervous having been dragged from her home, she is settling well. I have been doing some training with her and she is very quick to learn. But why wouldn't she? she is a labrador.

The family who had her had just taken too much on with 4 very young children and 3 young labradors. Very brave but it was proving too much for them. I do think people underestimate how much time, attention and exercise any dog needs.

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