Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The rain continues to fall!

Lola continues to settle well. She was charging around with Lulu and Jilly today. They were taking it in turn to hold the ball and the other two chanced. I love to watch them play and have freedom.

I have been out erecting fencing this morning. The constant rain has made the ground nice and soft which made the knocking in with the sledge hammer easier but I am fed up with getting wet! when will it stop!

Jess is going back to the orthopaedic hospital in Lichfield tomorrow for a check x ray but she is doing very well and really starting to use that leg. I really do not feel that she will have slowed down any.

I am really hoping to get my horse out to do some dressage competitions when the weather improves. They do need to be clean and tidy which is very difficult when the ground is so wet and muddy and we don't have stables.

He is looking great and has wintered well.

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