Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Very proud

I hope you don't mind but I am going to mention my youngest son as he attended his first athletics competition on sunday. He is a member of derby athletics club. He was a little nervous as you would expect with 5 other clubs competing. The atmosphere was lovely, very friendly and everyone very encouraging. He ran 100 and 200 metres and came first in both (by quite a long way). Of course he is thrilled to bits to have confirmation that he is quite quick and his brothers are claiming credit for training him as he has had to run from them all these years. We shall see where he goes with it as it is a huge commitment for him with training twice a week and the competitions can be a huge distance away.
For me, I love that he has a focus with something very positive to aim for and achieve.

The dog boarding is going very well. I am getting into the swing as to how it all works out and ensuring all the animals in my care have lots of attention. My eldest son impressed me as whilst I was out at athletics he had all the boarding dogs out to exercise them.
We are almost full at points over the summer holidays so I do envisage turning business away :(

Jess is making a good recovery but she has not slowed down any :(

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