Sunday, 27 May 2012

I do miss the ponies

This is the first year we have had to mow the lawn! It was hard work and took myself and 2 of my boys hours to get on top of it. It's looking good now though.
In the past we have had our small ponies who who were great at mowing and didn't churn it up if they had a run around (unlike the big guys). They didn't keep it quite so even so there is that bonus.

How is the weather suiting you?

I am so pleased with the dogs boarding in that as it is south facing it gets the sun and does get very warm what with the light concrete bas as well. The granite floor within the units is so lovely and cool though so the dogs are absolutely fine. The automatic water dispensers work very well giving them fresh, cold water at all times. We have just had one who doesn't like to drink out of it but that's no problem as we have many water bowls.

My male Labrador (Oscar) is getting very worked up as I have 3 bitches in season and he cannot "marry" any of them. Bea is having her season off. Jilly has mated with a standard poodle to produce first cross labradoodles. (Jilly is Hug's Mum) and Pippa will mate with a miniature poodle hopefully next week to produce Jackapoos.

All go as ever down on the farm as my eldest has a new horse too. Rocket. He has been out of work for some time so we are taking it slowly and sensibly to bring him back as he aims to go to camp on him in July.

All good fun!

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