Monday, 11 June 2012

My feet have hardly touched the floor :)

I cannot believe how busy I have been with boarding dogs, cats and small pets.
It took me pretty much all day to tend them all, to ensure a good level of care and attention all round.

I had a Collie who had managed to eat rat poison a few days before she came to me so she needed special care and attention and vitamin K. What a responsibility. I had a few others guests on medication too. I really should charge for the administration of it.

My own dogs are settling to the visitors although i'm not sure that they are very impressed with it all.
I have had some of my girls in season too.
Pippa has mated a poodle so we should have Jackapoos
Jilly has also mated a poodle to create Labradoodles. First cross
Bae is having a rest this time around much to her disgust.

I only have a couple more to come into season so they should be all done for my busy summer time.

The horses are all very well but rather fat with all this lovely, lush grass.
My boys and I set out to do a ragwart pull in the horses field as it is poisonous if they eat it. I could not believe how much there was. We filled 2 big bins and have much more left. Years ago we never had a problem with it as there is a small orange and black caterpillar that eats it but nower days it has been killed off by use insecticides.

I haven't ridden very much as have just been so busy but I would like to do a dressage competition before the end of the year. Just the one :)
I am trying to get hold of a saddle flocker (stuffer) at the moment to alter our saddles but how hard is that proving?
There are so few of them around, good ones any way.

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