Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sooo well behaved!!

Ok, so it took a few attempts but this is Phoebe training group. They all came to play at ours and we did actually do some training. The dogs were pooped and the humans chatted lots of course

Finley decidid he had had just about enough of sitting and looking pretty :)

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Busy busy

As I suspected we are very busy with every unit, everywhere booked for the summer.
I am really enjoying it which is just as well with a truly 24/7 life.

I have some help now and I couldn't manage without it.
My boys are great too when I need extra help.

The vast majority of dogs come in and settle easily but we have had an odd one who has struggled a little. I find it so very rewarding to be patient and work with these dogs to bring them out of their shell. I watch their confidence grow and by the end of their visit they are out playing with the rest. Owners have commented about a "different" dog coming home and have booked for next year so we must be doing some thing right :)

My eldest son has been offered an apprenticeship and the company intend to sponsor him through his engineering degree. He is thoroughly enjoying driving too. We insured with "insure the box" this was chosen for many reasons but it does enable him to view, on line how he is driving. For me I hope it keeps him driving sensibly as if not his insurance will not decrease next year.