Wednesday, 16 May 2012

looking ahead

Bookings for both the cattery and dog boarding are going very well. We are almost full all summer.
I am trying to get ahead of some jobs like mowing the drive which is a challenge s the grass has shot up and is sooooo thick. It helps to keep me fit :)

I have been putting the finishing touches into the boarding units such as beds, chairs, mats, bowls etc

We have a golden doodle in at the moment as well as some others but he is huge and so bouncy. What a lovely character too.

My guys are all a bit out of sorts as I have two of my girls in season. Bae is not being mated as she is on a rest but Jilly will be as she has missed two seasons. I think my other girls are coming into season too which is driving Oscar (my male Lab) mad as he will not marry any of them.  His new wife is very settled but won't be old enough to marry until late 2012 early2013

I wormed all my guys today. Oh! I know how to live.

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